Shopping for a home

Breaking news around Finding Tiffany’s, I’ve just been self-nominated for the Bad Blogger Award! All joking aside, the combination of being slammed at work and not yet having internet in the new home is that blogging time & capabilities have been hard to come by lately…BUT I have missed you all terribly, which is why I’ve taken to blogging on a Wednesday even though it’s not my usual posting day.

Right now I have so many blog posts hanging out in my head, it’s hard to pick where to begin! See my brain works like cooking popcorn (you heard me), in that thoughts and ideas are constantly popping up, pinging around, seeming quite exciting at the moment of ideation and building up fast. For now, though, let’s start with where I’ve been spending a lot of my time as of late…Target.

Like many of the masses, I both love and fear Target. Between their commitment to supporting small business, launching an organic grocery line, Simply Balanced, and having just plain cute stuff, my addiction is with good reason. A typical trip involves going in for a 5×8 picture frame and leaving with over $100 worth of shoes, a DVD, tank tops and another adorable set of kitchen cups (true story). How do they do it??

To accommodate my lacking budget I’ve managed to avoid going completely, but I just couldn’t withstand my house’s cries to be decorated any longer. Between hours perusing Target’s never-fail stock along with a little Ikea and Pinteresting, I’ve come up with these mood boards…


Bedroom Inspiration Mood Board Target

Living Room

Living Room Inspiration Mood Board

With one Target spree down and an Ikea trip on the books, I’m feeling a little bit closer to making these dream rooms a reality!

4 thoughts on “Shopping for a home

    1. Thank you! Ha, it’s reassuring to hear my brain isn’t alone. As for the couch, I’ve been eyeing it forever! It’s a little (lot) out of my price range though so you may be seeing a post sometime soon about me reupholstering my current couch to match it…

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