Shopping for a home

Breaking news around Finding Tiffany’s, I’ve just been self-nominated for the Bad Blogger Award! All joking aside, the combination of being slammed at work and not yet having internet in the new home is that blogging time & capabilities have been hard to come by lately…BUT I have missed you all terribly, which is why I’ve taken to blogging on a Wednesday even though it’s not my usual posting day.

Right now I have so many blog posts hanging out in my head, it’s hard to pick where to begin! See my brain works like cooking popcorn (you heard me), in that thoughts and ideas are constantly popping up, pinging around, seeming quite exciting at the moment of ideation and building up fast. For now, though, let’s start with where I’ve been spending a lot of my time as of late…Target.

Like many of the masses, I both love and fear Target. Between their commitment to supporting small business, launching an organic grocery line, Simply Balanced, and having just plain cute stuff, my addiction is with good reason. A typical trip involves going in for a 5×8 picture frame and leaving with over $100 worth of shoes, a DVD, tank tops and another adorable set of kitchen cups (true story). How do they do it??

To accommodate my lacking budget I’ve managed to avoid going completely, but I just couldn’t withstand my house’s cries to be decorated any longer. Between hours perusing Target’s never-fail stock along with a little Ikea and Pinteresting, I’ve come up with these mood boards…


Bedroom Inspiration Mood Board Target

Living Room

Living Room Inspiration Mood Board

With one Target spree down and an Ikea trip on the books, I’m feeling a little bit closer to making these dream rooms a reality!

My dream weekend

ten-broeck-by-messana-o-rorkeLow bed envy: 11 home inspiration photos

seattle sunsetSeattle dreaming: all the details on Seattle’s neighborhoods

Today my brain is all over the place, which makes it actually kinda the perfect weekend to have the boyfriend and two of my closest friends out of town.

This weekend I’ve got a date with myself. I’m going to hole up, read, think and journal. I keep coming back to a conversation I had last weekend about settling and wondering, am I settling at all? At work, relationships, life…sometimes it’s good to check-in for a little personal diagnostic and make sure everything’s “on track.” There’s so many things I want to do and places I want to see that I haven’t thought about in awhile. It’s time to bring those dreams up again and maybe even focus in on new ones.

Part of the reason I might be thinking about dreams and new experiences might be more than a little inspired by co-blogger Lydia’s fantastic European adventure. You might have noticed her absence this past week (I know I have!), but rest assured she’s having the time of her life, with the instagram feed to prove it.

Here’s to a productive, thoughtful weekend!

follow your dreams quote

Inspiration: All The Little Things

inspiration motivational quotes

On Finding Tiffany’s, we talk a lot about realizing goals and exploring life, but we’re only telling half the story if we don’t spend some time talking about all the things that help us get there. Inspiration is contagious and can come from anywhere. Starting this week we’ll be bringing you more about all the things that inspire us…pictures, quotes, links, random details from daily life.

This week has just been one of those weeks where inspiration has been a little harder to appreciate and hold on to…between not enough sleep and some pesky health issues, the below have been even more valuable for my sanity!

kitchen art
Italian kitchen art from Etsy that will be hanging in my kitchen: “If you want to live long, you have to eat, drink and sleep” and an Italian idiom that essentially means “At the table with friends and family, one does not grow old.”
The weather this week has been California-worthy. Driving with the windows down in the 65 degree weather instantly brightens my mood.
The weather this week has been California-worthy. Driving with the windows down in the 65 degree weather instantly brightens my mood.
Truth. If you've ever been sick (and it seems like everyone is these days) you know it, too. I've been inspired to take charge this week: revamping my diet (no sugar, lots of green tea, vegetables and protein) and finally meeting with some doctors.
Truth. If you’ve ever been sick (and it seems like everyone is these days) you know it, too. I’ve been inspired to take charge this week: revamping my diet (no sugar, lots of green tea, vegetables and protein) and finally meeting with some doctors.

Adventures in Photography

apartment decor photography christmas loft party

It might be mid-January and 65 degrees in Dallas, but it’s never too late for a little holiday reminiscing, right? After announcing in November I was in the market for a DSLR and doing some extensive research (read: asking any random person I could catch in the act of taking a picture what camera they had) I finally settled on a Canon Rebel T3i. My dream camera came just in time to capture the loft’s holiday touches and what is hopefully the first of many evenings hosting friends.

So far my tricks mostly just include playing with the aperture/depth of field – the fancy way of saying changing the focus from foreground to background (yes, I did just have to google it to be sure). I’m also going through a serious black and white picture phase. Even with my standard lenses and complete lack of knowledge, the image quality has so much more depth and detail than any camera I’ve used before.

I’m really excited about the prospect of picking up a new skill to learn all about. I’ve always been drawn to photography as an art form and envied people who could create and capture such beautiful details and moments. Photography to me is about exercising thoughtfulness and taking time to appreciate the deceivingly ordinary.

Hopefully that can one day be me! In the meantime, thank you in advance for bearing with me…

Dolly Python

A friend has been telling me for weeks I should go to a place called Dolly Python. So when I happened to see its sign across the street when dropping off some things at Goodwill, I couldn’t not go in.

I was picturing another cute, Dallas boutique with a hipster flair, and what I found instead was so much better. A cross between a vintage clothing/consignment store, record shop and Austin’s Uncommon Objects, Dolly Python was full of fantastic thrift store finds at vintage prices and the kind of unique items you can’t help but want for the ‘I found this treasure’ feeling and cute factor.

The people were unique to match, and there were a lot of them….My spontaneity led me to stumble across what was apparently an in-store special event, as an employee dressed as a life-size taco offered me free drinks from their keg and collection of whiskey. Special event indeed.

Sarah’s November Goals

Seriously, how is it already November? Lately I’ve caught myself saying, “I’d like to finish that by the end of the year,” as it seems just around the corner. But I’m a dreamer that, ironically enough, likes to plan, so sometimes I need to rein myself in and ask, but what can I do now? So here’s a couple things I’m focusing on this month:

1. Wake Up Early. There’s something to be said for spending time each morning to get ready emotionally and mentally for the day (not to mention physically, doing more than haphazardly throwing together some clothes and a bun before running out the door, brushing on some makeup in the car and being late to work anyways). 6 a.m. here I come.

2. Research Cameras. To pursue one of my overall goals, I’ve been looking into investing in a good camera soon, something I can take quality photos and video with…along with a much needed photography class to make the most of it. I’d love any suggestions for equipment and Dallas photography classes!

3. Start (& Finish) Sewing Projects. Plans for a white ruffle duvet cover and some minor clothing updates have been sitting in a pile right next to my sewing machine. It’s time to take these off my to do list and start enjoying the finished products.

Like Lydia, I’ve been eyeballing the Klyde Warren Park calendar of free events so I might throw in a few free yoga, boot camp and SWING DANCING classes as well. If you can’t tell, I’m really excited about the potential for swing dancing.

What do you want to accomplish this month?

Mint Home Makeover

A couple months ago, I moved into a beautiful loft in downtown Dallas:

My un-Instagramed rooftop view.

Carving out my own space in a large, open loft with roommates takes some creativity (read: a lot of time on Pinterest). But some curtains and artwork later, I still felt like something was missing…An average wooden table, way too many trips to Hobby Lobby and some mint paint later I had this:

To save money, I used acrylic paint, which you can usually find on sale for around a dollar. Since I couldn’t find the mint color I was hoping for, I ended up mixing a bottle of Tiffany blue with two pale seafoam greens…and even had a bottle’s worth left over that I used on these picture frames and can save for touch-ups! While scouring the craft store aisles, I also came across a tube of chalkboard paint that became the perfect top coat:

Voila. It makes me so proud to look over every day and be able to say — I did that!

[Photo Disclaimer: My phone decided to cool off one hot, Texas afternoon…in a pool. The camera quality has never been the same. 😦 I apologize and hope you’re inspired by my uncraftiness-turned-craftiness to start – and finish – a project of your own!]