Lydia’s Goal Updates for November

1. I haven’t done this yet… I’m thinking spring is a better season? I also need some time to find someone who wants to do it with me!

2. Almost there! About a month to go! Thank goodness. I’ve actually found I’m quite bored with the whole thing. I’m now able to do the 13 miles.. so I just want to DO it and move on to other less-painful-for-my-knees workouts.

3. This requires $$$. On hold…

4. I’m terrible at this. Amazon just makes it so easy.. and who can turn down a good sale? Writing this post is a good reminder to double check myself before I make those impulse buys!

5. Reached the $1,000 in three months minimum to get my bonus AA miles! Just need to save up those vacay days!

6. I think I’ve done a great job at this. I want to continue these efforts, but I do say yes more often!

7. Yeah no. Same as those naughty impulse buys.. but I mean I am PRETTY confident calories don’t count on Halloween week because.. magic.

8. This is also going well! I’m reading a lot and am reading more and more on design. i just love it. Now to learn photoshop…

9. I don’t have cable in the new apartment, so this one was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I don’t watch TV Monday – Friday, brought a lot of free time into my days.

10. Will going to Jacksonville for a June wedding count?

11. He’s doing so well! I’ve had him for a little over a year, and I think I’ve re-programmed his shelter dog mind. He’s much more loyal and.. well, better.

12. Where did I think I was getting the vacation days and money for all these trips? Too bad I HAVE to do what is on my list. Gah.

13. I could improve on this. I just tend to hear and accept things. This is a good reminder.

14. This to do list was kind of cheating. Loving the new apartment! It’s divine and perfect for me.

15. She doesn’t move till January! I would ideally like to visit during the summer to escape the heat!

For the next goal update, I think I’ll take out the ones I’ve accomplished and add any new ones I’ve thought of. I am loving having this list! It’s a great reminder on the things I’ve said I want to do and improve on. Can’t wait for next month : )

Whatchya think?

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