M83 at Palladium

 “It’s mainly about dreams, how every one is different, how you dream differently when you’re a kid, a teenager, or an adult.” – Anthony Gonzalez, M83

This month, we went to arguably one of the best concerts ever.

came to Dallas, which gave us a lovely excuse to check out Palladium Ballroom, a little of the South Dallas neighborhood around Sarah’s apartment and of course, M83.

The previous concert champion was Third Eye Blind, who Lydia saw in college and Sarah saw the summer after (for only 8 bucks – thanks Taste of Addison). The energy of the crowd made it clear everyone had been looking forward to this show ever since they bought their tickets, too, and there’s just something about music from that ‘90s-early 2000’s that hits everyone’s nostalgic side just right…

But we digress.

We had somewhere between low and completely neutral expectations as we walked into Palladium.

Some of M83’s earlier albums veered almost too…different…for a concert? Love different. Love chill. But all this at a concert sounded like a potential recipe for sleep.

But – the show was electrifying. (Literally, it was quite the light show). The band was so, so much better live than on any recording, and you could tell they were having a complete blast on stage. The whole concert seemed so organic, like they were creating the music from scratch on the stage and surprising even themselves with every sound and step.

Lydia’s hooked and aching to delve into the details of their music – exploring how their music has developed and changed directions over the years to where they’ve arrived at today. Sarah, forever a wanna-be child of the ‘80’s, is content to blast it from her new car speakers and bask in the ‘80’s nostalgia.

Bottom line? Crazy talented band. Top notch concert. Good crowd and venue.

Whatchya think?

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