Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park just had its big grand opening last weekend in Dallas. The “Central Park” of Dallas it’s not (as it tries to market itself), but definitely is a really neat addition to Dallas’ ever growing urban-ness. I attended the free yoga last weekend and had a blast. I had just come straight from a 10 mile run, so to say I was stiff, sore, and tired would be an understatement. The park was super crowded, so I was a little nervous throwing my mat down in the middle of a crowd and doing a downward dog for the cameras. Westley came a long with me and couldn’t have been more perfect. He was tired from the run as well, and sat patiently while I embarrassed myself in warrior 1. He was a crowd and photographer favorite. Unforunatley I have been fruitless in my efforts to find some of the shots taken of him. Such a bummer. He totally posed.

Klyde Warren Park will be offering this free yoga class every Saturday at 10 AM by Dallas Yoga Center and a Boot Camp at 9 AM by Andrew Odell. I vote go to both. I will be! I think I’ll be altering my running routine so that I can attend! My next big workout plan is going to contain hot yoga and free/at home workouts – so this fits into that plan so perfectly! AND free dog training at 1 PM each day. It’s everything I love, right in the middle of Dallas. And over a highway. The yoga should be really neat. There’s nothing like focusing on your body and breathing in the middle of a bustling city in some green grass.

I already loved the Dallas Arts District before this park, but now it’s really becoming a unique place to be. It’s exciting to be in Dallas while all these great changes are coming our way.

Hats off to you, Dallas. Maybe all of us New York, Austin, Chicago and L.A. bound Texans will stick around a little longer.

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2 thoughts on “Klyde Warren Park

  1. I went to the grand opening of the park and was really looking forward to it. I’m afraid I was more than a little disappointed. It is a beautiful space – but too pre-planned. It doesn’t even feel like a park to me. I’m afraid it was constructed as a front yard to the canyon of buildings full of multi-million dollar condominiums to come.

    Thanks for shairn.g

    1. Hi Bill! Definitely know where you’re coming from. The “botanical garden” for instance, left a lot to be desired. Like a lot. I think my feeling about it is that they did what they could with the space. It reminds me of buying a large studio apartment, and splitting it up to maximize the utility of the space. So although your “reading nook” is actually just a comfy chair in the corner with a lamp, it can still accomplish what you’re after – a designated place to read. They also now offer free wi-fi in the park – a great addition! It’s definitely seems to act as more of a small break from the often over constructed DFW area we live in, as opposed to anything close to a “central park.” But I also happen to love front yards 🙂

      Luckily, we live in Texas and there are several larger parks where we can go to really get that serene, open space us southerners crave. White Rock Lake is great for this! I’m sure you’ve been there, but if not it’s a great place to get that park vibe! Especially in this weather. On Saturday afternoons, there are several people with blankets just enjoying the Texas sun. I highly recommend it!

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