Things that go together: blogging everyday and Canada

How do you start to blog after two months of no blogging? That is the question I’ve found myself with lately. Except the months have gone from three, to four, to six. YA’LL.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and telling myself that 6 months of no blogging is just not going to cut it. Don’t worry, though, I come ripe with excuses. I got married. Engagement is the worst. So is moving. This current blog design is awful. My not-so-new-now job sucked for awhile. (Now it just sorta sucks sometimes. A new acquaintance/coworker asked me in the elevator today “how I like it here.” I stammered something awkward because, not really always? But that is another blog post.)

HOWEVER. I have been feeling far more inspired as of late and reading lots of new blogs to feed the fire. One of these favorites is Back East Blonde, where I came across its blogger owner Nadine participating in an event: Blog Everyday in July. This challenge seems to be just the sort of thing to pull me out of my blogging rut and enforce the discipline my writing is sorely lacking, so I decided then and there to join. I’m not exactly 100% how to do so, but I guess that’s part of the fun…we all just dive in together?

Without further ado…Canada Day.

I’m not kidding, that is prompt #1. Well, I’m not Canadian, nor do I know actually anything about Canada Day.*

(Pause for Googling)

Well. This is not what I expected:

Google News About Canada Day

Wow. Since that didn’t really work out I’ll just focus on what I do know about our Northern Neighbors: one of the sweetest, kindest people I’ve ever met is Canadian. Somehow she is always able to greet situations with some variation of “This is SO great,” a hug and a smile. And she means it. This, among many things, is why she is fantastic in her own right and probably as a Canadian, too. I say all this to say, I admire her patience, unflappability and authenticity. Also, I would LOVE to visit Canada and will just have to settle for photos from co-blogger Lydia’s upcoming Montreal trip.


*Wikipedia explains that Canada Day is their version of the Fourth of July. If you were curious.

**Yes, I am 8 days behind in this blogging everyday thing. Apologies in advance for the multiple posts per day that will be coming your way.

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