Bloggin erryday erryday

Hola! As Sarah noted in her previous post, we basically suck. Working on our blog kept getting pushed further and further down the priority list until well, last night. So, true to our nature we are making a pledge to keep on keeping on. Plus, I’m digging this blog everyday in July thing from The Other Juliette (I’m also loving her blog, she has wit I can only dream of). So I’m just going to dive into it.

Today’s topic, Favorite Things to do in the Summer.

My top favorite thing to do in the Summer is complain about it being summer. There’s just so much to complain about that I love taking some time for myself each year to whine.

I’m only a few years out of college and still pretty bitter that Summer is the same to me as all the other seasons from 9-5 M-F. Summer used to mean free time and livin’ the easy life. But these days, I find that summer happens to be just as busy as Fall, except I don’t get to cozy up in boots and sweaters.

It’s also freakishly hot (although “they” say we are having a “mild summer”), my boot camp instructor is out of town on something called a vacation (and I have a bikini to get into dammit), I can’t drink enough coconut water to keep up with how much I’m sweating (I dread hair dryers this time of year), jean shorts look terrible on me, iced coffee is gross, all my favorite TV shows are on hiatus, my electricity bill skyrockets and someone left me a nasty hateful letter on my windshield for leaving my dog in the car.. at night..with the windows down.. while I ran into a store for 5 minutes..when it was just 80 degrees outside.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.49.46 AM

But, then again there is also day drinking on a boat, sandals, sales, cookouts, patios, friends visiting from out of town, longer days, baseball games, excuses to stay inside and watch Netflix marathons, abundance of fresh fruit, and margaritas to make everything a little easier. Plus, the Osheaga festival is RIGHT around the corner (!!!).

In the end, probably my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer is waking up early on a weekday and going for a long walk with Westley before the heat kicks in. photo