Need my fix

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Usually, I have a cup of coffee in the morning and then that’s it for the day. Since Christmas and the exciting moka (similar to espresso) maker and milk frother I received from Santa, my cup of coffee got a little sexier in the form of a cappaccino with just two shots of moka.

But now… *sigh*… with the addition of lunch time workouts, I finally have to admit… I want need bit more coffee after lunch. Which hard for this coffee snob who resents the mere presence of a Keurig machine, so having to drink out of one is really just offensive. It looks like my portable french press (also from Christmas, my family Santa knows me well) needs to be getting some regular TLC. Or maybe, Ascension can you start delivering?!

Although I hate having to have more than one cup of coffee in my efforts to live a healthier lifestyle, I certainly can’t be expected to go find tiffany’s if I can’t keep my damn eyes open. 🙂

Whatchya think?

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