Need my fix

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Usually, I have a cup of coffee in the morning and then that’s it for the day. Since Christmas and the exciting moka (similar to espresso) maker and milk frother I received from Santa, my cup of coffee got a little sexier in the form of a cappaccino with just two shots of moka.

But now… *sigh*… with the addition of lunch time workouts, I finally have to admit… I want need bit more coffee after lunch. Which hard for this coffee snob who resents the mere presence of a Keurig machine, so having to drink out of one is really just offensive. It looks like my portable french press (also from Christmas, my family Santa knows me well) needs to be getting some regular TLC. Or maybe, Ascension can you start delivering?!

Although I hate having to have more than one cup of coffee in my efforts to live a healthier lifestyle, I certainly can’t be expected to go find tiffany’s if I can’t keep my damn eyes open. 🙂

Living your dreams

shay mitchell vogue

One of the perks of working with lifestyle / fashion brands in what happens to be an all-female office is our monthly magazine subscriptions. I don’t think we’ve been at all shy here at FT about our Pretty Little Liars obsession, so when I saw “Emily” on the cover of the newest SELF Magazine I snagged that up right away.

Apparently her real name is actually Shay Mitchell, and Self starts off by saying if you’re not a fan of hers yet you will be after this article. Sure enough, I didn’t get very far before I was admitting her into my circle of celebrity BFF’s with Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence (…now I just have to meet them). Besides the fact that she believes being healthy is beautiful and is all about supporting other women, she is also a fellow blogger and had some inspiring words of wisdom about going after (and getting!) what you want.

First, create a vision of the life you want. Then share it—and your wisdom—to get started. “When I was living in Toronto and going to my bottle service [waitress] job, I walked down the street as if I were the actor I wanted to be. Back then, my vision board had a Hollywood sign and palm trees on it. I knew this was going to happen. It’s important to wake up every day and remind yourself what you’re working toward. You create your own life. It’s not set out there for you.”

Her determination and success at reaching her goals brings me back to an idea I’ve had before that was just waiting on the terminology – vision boards. For me, it’s not real until it’s down on paper, hence my desk of to do lists, iPhone full of Notes and planner that lives by my side. In addition to being a tangible processor, I’m a very goal-oriented person so it only makes sense that a vision board is exactly what I’ve been missing for daily and long-term inspiration.

Perfect timing, too, because creating and finding a place for a vision board sounds like an awesome new-home project. Only one and a half more weeks until I’m in the new place! I promise, I’ll even get over my fear of others thinking my dreams are vain, unrealistic or petty and share the completed version with you this summer.

Feeling blue

bright blue cobalt fashion

cobalt royal blue handbag

bright blue purse

royal blue cobalt bag

The upside to having stubbornly tan-resistant skin and blue eyes is that bright blue hues have always been a friend to me…unlike a long list that includes nickel, the sun, soap, pastels – but I digress.

Every now and then I get an inkling of what I feel like is about to catch on or blow up style-wise. The problem with this intuition is that I take far too long to act on it, preferring to research and weigh pros and cons until I’m relegated to the ranks of trend follower rather than setter. Leather, short-medium length hair cuts, gold instead of silver, the return of the wedge…all predicted. Alas, speedy decision making is not on my resume, for which I can only attribute to genetics after twenty-four years of witnessing my Dad’s painstakingly slow (he would say “thorough”) processing. You know those thesis-size terms of agreements you click through just to reach the next step as quickly as possible? He actually reads them. Instruction booklets? Highlighted and page marked.

All this to say, I’ve decided to start sharing these nuggets with you as they come. My current everyday purse is developing a mad rip across the bottom. It’s only a matter of time before all my belongings come crashing through at what will most likely be the most inconvenient, embarrassing moment possible, so I’ve been researching what kind of bag I’d like next. After five years with the same neutral bag, I’m exploring the idea of something clearly quite the opposite.

What do you think, should I go for it? And if you can figure out where the first purse is from so I can actually get it, you will win my love forever.

Da big 2-4

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 1.15.16 PMScreen shot 2013-05-17 at 1.14.03 PM

I’m not a big birthday person. I don’t really enjoy being the center of everyone’s attention and mostly just saw it as a reason to get free drinks in college. Most of High School my dad had an annual work trip on the big day, so my actual birthday was a little more laid back with friends, and then we’d go to a delicious dinner with the whole fam upon my Dad’s return and I’d leave with my stomach aching from over eating. So that’s just what I’m used to. Not making a big fuss on my birthday but having several little events with the people I cared about. Furthermore, every since my 21st birthday I’ve been dreading getting older. 22? 23? Simply not as fun.

When I turned 22 I was about to graduate college. I was leaving all of my friends and setting out into the unknown of Arizona. Plus, I was still recovering from my 21st birthday and hooked on the notion of “it’s all downhill from here.” When I turned 23 I was still figuring out life post-Arizona. Things hadn’t worked out there and then I was an unpaid intern and a barista living at my parent’s house. It simply wasn’t where I thought I would be at twenty-three (rhymed! boom). So getting another year older just meant that I was off my timeline.

But now 24. I’m so happy with everything in my life right now. I also realized early on that 2013 was going to bea great year and turning 24 is just part of it. To me, and I am brutally aware of how silly this is, to say “I’m 24” just sounds so much better. It says… I’ve been out of college for a while, I have it together, I’m mature, I am also responsible, I am working to achieve my dreams but I can still go out and have fun because I have little responsibilities to anyone but myself and no intention of settling down for quite some time. Who wouldn’t want to be all of those things? So I’ve decided not to be such a birthday bum this year. I have a quiet dinner with my boyfriend tonight, one of my very best friends is coming into town, I’ll go out and then tomorrow there’s yoga, brunch, pups, present shopping, Dave Matthews and more celebrations afterward.

Let the countdown begin

I recently came to the conclusion that teachers are smarter than the rest of us.

Not only do they get the satisfaction that comes from a noble, rewarding job and (hopefully) cute kids, but they also get the entire summer off to do whatever their hearts desire. Maybe I’m the only one that saw High School Musical 2, but since May has arrived all of two days ago all I can hear in my head is the semi-creepy whispering from the movie’s opening number: “summer summer summer.”

I’ve heard the magic of summertime is supposed to fade just a little bit post-graduation, but this 20-something girl can always make time for a little summer fun in her work day. Of course, Texas weather loves to remind me that I may be jumping the summer gun, as outside is now gloomy, windy and expecting temps in the 30’s. Minnesota is even in the middle of a snowstorm for goodness sake! But sitting at my desk in front of a space heater and looking at these fun (and free!) Paperless Post invites, I can’t help but get excited about all the upcoming opportunities for friends and sunshine. On Monday I shared that one goal for making the most of my current apartment before my impending move will be to host a going away pool party / cookout. Thanks to these loverly invites, I’m proud to announce, mission accomplished.

paperless post summer invites 1 paperless post summer invites 2

Do you have any fun summer plans in the works or am I the only one counting down the days until we can make this summer thing official?