Fox Fodder Farm

I come from a wonderfully talented family pool. There’s graphic designers, yogis, bakers, app developers, landscape designers, writers, fashion icons, artists, script writers and the others are super smart, amazing people. Basically, they soaked up all the dang creativity and forgot to leave some! My jealousy and bitterness aside, last year my brother got married and this lead to lots of family reunions and specifically cousins that I hadn’t seen in SO long. One of these amazing cousins started her very own floral and garden design studio since I had last seen her (practically a decade ago if I’m not mistaken – crazy right?!), called Fox Fodder Farm in Brooklyn.

I happen to love flowers. Whenever I have the money, I’m absolutely going to be one of “those people” that always has fresh flowers in their house. I literally stop and smell the roses when I go for a walk or run and nothing can brighten my day so easily as a bouquet of gorgeous flowers (ahem, orange roses to be very specific). But my cousin takes floral design to the next level. These aren’t your $10 Whole Foods bouquets. And I just love everything she creates. The textures, use of earthy tones and unique plants, the combination of the delicate with the masculine, all of it. I want my future home, actually I want my life to look like these pieces of artwork. All the different, the odd and the pretty, all coming together to create one intricate, riveting, display.

321384_492669870776236_1033921921_n 1465209_624989140877641_1804559644_n DSC_0343 KduFsU8d11fdO77fO9WltHd1QtZ9eoyOE9NJPheEgY4,ePzdYWzbiDdqaK8P5k7J-fW8KKs0LRJyuWUJkBXxTf0 Norah-and-Jacob2 Picture 13

Not only am I captivated by her designs, but I also think it’s awesome that she started her very own business – and it was all through following her passion. Tiffanys found?

You can also check out this little lovely interview for more:

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