Fox Fodder Farm

I come from a wonderfully talented family pool. There’s graphic designers, yogis, bakers, app developers, landscape designers, writers, fashion icons, artists, script writers and the others are super smart, amazing people. Basically, they soaked up all the dang creativity and forgot to leave some! My jealousy and bitterness aside, last year my brother got married and this lead to lots of family reunions and specifically cousins that I hadn’t seen in SO long. One of these amazing cousins started her very own floral and garden design studio since I had last seen her (practically a decade ago if I’m not mistaken – crazy right?!), called Fox Fodder Farm in Brooklyn.

I happen to love flowers. Whenever I have the money, I’m absolutely going to be one of “those people” that always has fresh flowers in their house. I literally stop and smell the roses when I go for a walk or run and nothing can brighten my day so easily as a bouquet of gorgeous flowers (ahem, orange roses to be very specific). But my cousin takes floral design to the next level. These aren’t your $10 Whole Foods bouquets. And I just love everything she creates. The textures, use of earthy tones and unique plants, the combination of the delicate with the masculine, all of it. I want my future home, actually I want my life to look like these pieces of artwork. All the different, the odd and the pretty, all coming together to create one intricate, riveting, display.

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Not only am I captivated by her designs, but I also think it’s awesome that she started her very own business – and it was all through following her passion. Tiffanys found?

You can also check out this little lovely interview for more:

Less lazy, more crazy

tulips4 tulip1 tulip2 tulip3

I had a ridiculous lazy time last week and like Sarah, finished an entire box of Mac ‘n Cheese all on my own. In my defense, it was Annie’s – practically healthy right?

Win at phone tag. While blissfully signing my adorable Valentines last week, I realized that several of these long distance friendships that I cherish hadn’t been receiving much TLC as of late. I’m not much of a phone talker. And the fact that my iPhone is on the fritz and the screen doesn’t lock when I hold it up to my cheek certainly isn’t doing me any favors. I prefer to do all my phone catch ups while I’m driving (dangerous) or walking my dog (windy). I absolutely hate talking on the phone in my apartment, unable to accomplish anything else on my to do list. This week I need to just get over it. Good friends are hard to find and hard to keep if you don’t make a valiant effort to reach out. So get ready AT&T, I’m actually going to use all those minutes you give me.

Read, dangit. Like Sarah, I have a book that’s been hanging over my head for months. With several books in the pipeline, I need to hunker down and actually read the thing. I mean, it’s a great book! But I so easily get distracted by emails, blogs and Gawker (guilty pleasure) that by the time my head hits that pillow, it’s lights out for me.

Speaking of lights out. Last week I put myself through a terrible sleep cycle with going to bed after midnight and waking up between 4 and 5 AM. Luckily, I love coffee and will take an excuse to drink more of it, but I know this isn’t good for my mental or physical health. Plus, I was so pooped by Friday night I stayed in with just The Avengers and my pup (oh, and my mac and cheese). So this week I want to work on getting in bed at a reasonable hour. Hopefully this will play into the reading goal as well!

Make it into a headstand. As you may or may not know, I’m a yoga addict. They have me hooked. And I am SO close to being able to get that handstand! All I can really do is try my absolute hardest and practice focus. I also plan on staying super hydrated all week in preparation for Saturday’s workshop class where I get to do some handstand practice. Wish me luck!

The tulips featured above, by the way, have absolutely nothing to do with this post. In the community I live in though, the city is planting them EVERYWHERE and I am loving it! They’re so cute how they open during the day, face towards the sun, and close up at night. The added array of colors is like a real live rainbow everyday of the week. I just can’t get over them!