Lead like women

Lead like a woman, not like a man – Della Williams

I’d like to apologize in advance. Because if you’re a woman, you’re likely sick of articles telling you how to live your life… annnd that’s mayyybe what I’m about to do.

A few weeks ago the beau and I attended the 50th Anniversary of Williams Pyro (now, WilliamsRDM). WilliamsRDM was started by Della Williams and her now deceased husband, and Della continues to reign today. Since the beginning of the business, she’s been in the trenches working in every department to ensure success. She’s loved and respected by all her employees, peers and anyone who has the opportunity to work beside her – this was apparent by the many that came out that night to present her with a gift to honor her character, accomplishments and leadership. She’s strong, independent, caring and warm.

One thing she said that night really stuck with me, the quote at the top of the post, women need to lead like women.

I’d never really thought about this before, as silly as it may sound. But men and women are different. Typically, we don’t interact with our friends and our coworkers the same. Women are scientifically and genetically more in touch with other’s emotions, for example. Men and women are different. And to me, it seems we’ve figured this out when it comes to dating (men are from mars, women are from venus), but haven’t quite figured it out when it comes to the workforce, or how to deal with it. Women, as a movement, are still figuring out the best ways to utilize our own personalities, traits and qualities to lead in the workforce. And really, this goes for everyone. Both men and women as individuals must learn how to use their personalities and skill sets to lead. However, men have been working in business longer than women, so women have a little catching up to do. We need to hone those leadership skills that we do have, not try to attain those that men have. And no matter what, your’e going to encounter people who disagree and those that agree. Personalities clash, no matter what your gender is. It’s just going to happen.

It’s further evidence that it is so important to have women like Della Williams paving the way for future women leaders. To have someone not telling, but showing you what it means to lead like a woman, not like a man.

Della Williams is a powerful woman. Not because of her status in her company, but because when she speaks at the podium, people listen. She has strong integrity, a big heart, passion and the work ethic to boot. She is a strong woman leader, who leads like a woman.

To be a female leader, you can’t act like a man. Simply because you aren’t one.

One thought on “Lead like women

  1. This is a great post, and I completely agree. We actually talked about this issue quite a bit in my Master’s program — there are so many proven benefits to ‘feminine’ leadership styles, but unfortunately many women who make it to the top then feel they need to emulate masculine leadership styles. So we not only lose out on those feminine strengths, but they tend not to make the road any easier for other women. When a woman has the confidence to actually lead LIKE a woman, rather than feeling pressured to act more like a man, it’s really inspiring.

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