A writer’s insecurities

levo league

This morning as I was absentmindedly scrolling though Facebook and sipping on my new favorite tea in an effort to pull myself out of the Monday morning haze, I was greeted with a new article from Levo League. Despite acknowledging the now bordering on cliche title about how someone figured out their twenties, I couldn’t help but think “Twenty-something? That’s me, an article about me, I wonder if this applies to me! Figuring out, I’m figuring things out, maybe this will help me figure things out!” in between more cynical judgments of my own sucker-ism that “These words are an over-used ploy for clicks and ‘figured out’ seems a little presumptuous don’t you think”…I clicked anyways and told cynical Sarah to go back to sleep. Or so I thought.

Because after clicking I found misplaced commas. Misspelled words. Misused tenses. Missing apostrophes completely changing meaning from possessive to plural. More misplaced commas.

It is hardly the standard of quality I’ve come to expect from Levo League, and even though I think the content was pretty good, the fact that it came with one glaring grammar fault after another completely distracted me from that value and shattered all assumed credibility. So I kept judging. I judged her age. I judged her alma mater.

I continued clicking through to her blog, reading a recent post that included a well-written anecdote about her public humiliation from a misspelling due to lifetime struggles with dyslexia…


Whoops. I don’t think I’m the only one so quick to judge others, and I’m certainly not free of my own misplaced commas or worse, misspellings (ha…too soon?). It made me think about why I had such a strong reaction of snowballed judging. She seems like a perfectly nice, driven girl with whom, upon further blog investigation, I have an awful lot of shared interests.

And then this thought happened. “Is it because she’s published? Because you’ve wanted to submit writings for almost 2 years and haven’t tried even once? Because…you’re…jealous?”

Well there’s an uncomfortable thought.

So it’s time. I’ve been gathering online publications that accept submissions for so long, it’s time to actually send something to some of them. I’m not sure what this something will be or when, but I’m putting this goal out there so I have to do it. So there it is. On the screen. Being real.

For the record, my morning wake-up efforts didn’t work. I’m practically sleep-walking in heels, which is not an easy feat for someone just a little lacking in coordination. My high school choir teacher always said, as someone tripped up a riser or a fell off the top one for the umpteenth time, “Someday you’ll be graceful.” …Someday is not today, folks.

4 thoughts on “A writer’s insecurities

  1. I am still trying to figure things out and I am twice your age….Honestly, I wish I had started this process when I was your age! Kudos to you and good luck, I will be following to see how its going. Thanks for the Monday morning sinner smile you gave me.

    1. Ha, happy to help! I have a feeling I will always be figuring things out on some level, or so I hope…I feel like things would get a little bit boring if I wasn’t always growing and learning in some way. Thanks for following!

  2. I have a similar response to a popular journalist/blogger for my local newspaper. She’s quite successful, but her writing makes me cringe and she constantly has grammatical errors in her posts. And while I truly DO think that’s unacceptable for a professional journalist (doesn’t she have editors??), I had to ask myself why I love to hate on her so much. I realized that despite her (in my opinion) lack of natural talent, she’s obviously worked tenaciously to get where she is, which is something I can respect — and something I could probably learn from.

    1. Ah, tenacity. That is one thing I’ve been realizing a lot lately that I don’t have as much of as I’d like to. It just seems to come so naturally for some people though, right? I really do think the blogger in this instance is a pretty good writer it turns out…but yeah, the whole editor thing…I mean, I’m pretty sure they get paid for that?? Ha, glad I’m not the only one who goes there!

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