Currently Obsessing: Lululemon


Instead of buying a card case, and well anything else likely for the next month, I ended up making a fantastic investment into my health and wellness. I, bought a baby – I mean yoga mat. I’ve heard tale tales of people who have a strange attachment to their yoga mats. Something about the fact that your time on your yoga mat is your time. A time to be inward focused, to forget the world. It’s just you and your mat. So, naturally, you want your mat to be a happy place to sweat on for a few hours. I, Lydia, am now one of them. There was no ceremonious introduction or even a cocktail hour, just a big bill. You see, I’ve been stalking and researching “The Mat” by LuluLemon for quite some time. I’ve even been known for just stopping in the store just to look and touch it. I’ve been in about 5 times to look at it and have talked to several sales people. My first interaction went something like this..

“Have you heard anything about The Mat?” – attractive, in shape, happy and overall likely good person sales guy

“Well..only that…I should have it.” – Pushover, no poker face, Lydia

“Ha yeah, that’s about right” – attractive, now funny, in shape, happy and overall likely a good person sales guy

And that’s how it usually goes when I go in the store.

Before this weekend, I owned exactly two things from LuluLemon. A pair of pants that were a present (in high school, and they are still the best, comfiest sweat pants ever) and a headband. They’re stuff is expensive. I simply can’t bring myself to splurge $60 on a yoga top when I can buy one at TJ Maxx or Old Navy for $10-15. Just can’t.

The problem with that place though is that the environment has to be the happiest place in any mall. The salespeople are all super friendly, talkative and are genuinely are interested in your fitness routine because they themselves are so passionate about it. Each time I go there, I am asked where I practice yoga. And I almost always end up talking to someone who has been or currently attends the same place I do. They also make no attempt to pressure me into anything. They don’t make obvious comments like “Oh well we just got these new shirts in…” Instead, I feel as though these sales people are my friends who really want me to make a good purchase that I’m happy with. Which is ultimately why I took the plunge this weekend.

It started as a quick stop in to get a new headband. Innocent enough. But then my boyfriend took a seat in the store and I was free to not-so-aimlessly wander. I sneaked over to the yoga mats and held one on in my hand. I talked to two salespeople who swear by The Mat and we started talking about where I go, why I want The Mat and what I use now. All of a sudden it was no longer, should I get it? It was, yeah but what color? I picked out my Mat (purple, by the way), told the boyfriend I was doing it, he applauded my investment, and I made my way to the register. There I started talking to the cashier who regularly attends Gaia Flow Yoga and how much he loves it and the instructors and said I should attend a certain class on Sundays. I, naturally, plan to join in on this class next weekend. And then the other sales guy up front started giving me some tips and tricks on how to care for my mat. So in the end, it took four Lululemon-ers to get me out the door with my giant shopping bag. They’re SO good at that.

My new mat!
My new mat!

In the end, I am so excited for my purchase! Making investments into your exercise routine feels so good. I’m not necessarily saying you should go drop a few hundos on work out clothes, but just noting how impressed I am with this brand. Each person there fully epitomized what I think of when I think Lulu. The brand encourages a happy, healthy lifestyle. They advertise this through their communications, their products and their people. If you’re ever near a store, I invite you to stop in just to check it out if you haven’t already. The positive experience I had there could easily convince me to shop there all the time, if it weren’t for that pesky thing called money. So, I’ve joined the Lulu bandwagon. Feels pretty good though.

Anything to get you excited to work out, right?

Whatchya think?

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