Geeking out on Business Cards

Today I finally got business cards at work. I’m SO excited!

As I’ve hinted at several times before, when I graduated college I took a job in Arizona and was absolutely miserable in the position. Six months later, I packed up and moved back to Dallas to redirect my career to advertising. After a stint at Starbucks, I was able to secure an unpaid internship and convinced them to hire me full time a few months later. I’ve changed titles and responsibilities a lot since starting (we’re a small agency and all wear many hats), so the investment in ordering me business cards seemed fruitless.

A year later, I’m a full on Marketing Specialist – a title that’s going to be sticking around. And a full on business card holder! Hell to the yes. I assume I have to lavish in this excitement now for I fear the excitement of having my name all professional looking will diminish with age…

So now, in my typical over excitement for the small things, I just have to find the perfect business card holder ASAP. Because where am I supposed to keep these little lovelies? I’ve been stalking Etsy for a little bit this morning and I’m so torn. I want something handsome and classy that I’ll still like in 5 years. When I want to invest in something long term I almost always buy something that’s as neutral as possible. Hence, my addiction to leather goods and the color white. But maybe I should go for something with a little color? These are the trials and tribulations of my Friday.. tough right? 😉

What do you guys think? Which should I get!

card1 card2 card3 card4

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