This time of life

emma stone and andrew garfield jennifer lawrence{Two of my favorite women completely rocking their twenties.}

Tonight a co-worker and I had the opportunity to attend a happy hour…that started at about 8:45 p.m. She turned to me and aptly said, “A basically 9 p.m. happy hour is no longer a happy hour. That is just a party.”

Spoken like a true 20-something. I’ve been noticing a lot of articles lately about “what it means to be a 20-something” or “signs you’re a 20-something.” While most of these provide endless amusement with their eerily accurate observations, they also promote this sense of unity in knowing I’m not alone. You’d think this would be discouraging to learn I’m not as much of a unique individual as I thought I was, but it’s actually strangely comforting. On one of Soul Pancake’s message boards, somebody asked, “What’s so noteworthy about being a 20-something anyways?” Someone else responded, “Nothing more than any other age.” While I completely agree that this could be true as I don’t have a whole lot of times of life to compare now to, I’d have to say there’s a lot about being at the time I am now that’s noteworthy. I’ve caught myself a lot over the past few months just marveling about how it feels to hit these “milestones” compared to how I thought I’d feel. It’s a strange feeling to spend your whole life wanting to be “old” then finally getting there to realize it’s a whole lot different than you thought it’d be. At the same time nearly everything in my life is changing all the time, and I’m knowing the “adults” in my life a whole new way.

Here’s a couple of the realizations I’ve found myself pondering lately:

Parents are actually always right. At that same moment, you realize that they told you they were always right, not because they were your parents (which is what you thought growing up), but probably because they, too, at some point realized their parents were always right.

Getting married isn’t a happy ending or a solution. And even though there’s a lot of happy engaged couple around you, it turns out the whole process is not nearly as romantic or surprising as you thought it’d be because there’s a whole lot of real life logistics that need to happen as far as jobs, locations of jobs, leases, roommates, and probably so much more.

Being “old” doesn’t mean you have everything figured out. In fact, it seems that most people don’t ever really know what they want or where they’re going. It’s a mix of educated guessing, luck and simply taking the next step. I also know people older than me who have changed their career path completely, taken time off to travel or volunteer for a social cause, etc. There’s not some secret “right” path to life it turns out…and that’s okay.

20 somethings quote

Just Dance

Is this video not the best thing you’ve seen all day and possibly ever? Maybe you’re needing a little encouragement today (like me). Maybe you’re needing a little life-spiration to make something of your lazy Saturday…or get through your busy weekend. Maybe you just like to smile, laugh and/or dance (in which case you should probably watch some more Kid President videos).

In the words of Kid President (and Kevin Bacon/Kenny Wormald), this is our time! What do you want to do with it?

For me this question has a somewhat illusive, always evolving answer. The consistencies in that answer include spending quality time with people and learning. Learning about life, health, being a better person, other cultures, audio/visual skills. I’ve always been more of a planner and dreamer though, so I am constantly appreciative for friendly reminders about the action part of things. Writing this blog, this video and friends like co-Tiffany’s blogger Lydia (whose enviable talent is making things happen) all help hold me accountable.

All of Kid President’s videos are really great about bringing their big ideas down to an actionable level. His platform is all about dancing – both literally and figuratively. Helping people, helping yourself and making the world a better place are all ways to “dance”.

Kid President website

So. How are you going to dance this weekend? I’m getting organized financially and work-wise with a budget and long overdue inbox cleaning. I also have plans to brunch with a friend and help another strategize for her business.

I’ll leave you with what is clearly the most important question from this whole deal: “What would have happened if Michael Jordan had quit?” He wouldn’t have made Space Jam. And then where would we be?