Celebrating new beginnings

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Like a crazy person, I insisted on cramming my move into a busy work week topped off with a “weekend jaunt,” as the boyfriend called it, to Austin. But even though I fell off the blogging map last week, my absence is responsible for plenty of upcoming posts as I settle into my new house and recharge from the weekend’s activities.

Only thanks to the fact that I have very nice friends, I am officially in my new M Streets home with boxes and furniture stacked throughout. After only 2 broken dishes and one bout of mild panic when I thought I lost half my closet in the move (now found, thank goodness), a new stage of life has begun – one that involves doors to close (revolutionary after loft-life, I tell you), waking up to sunshine and chirping birds in the backyard, running through the tree-lined neighborhood (it’s an option anyway) and most importantly, plenty of quality time with a girl who makes me think, hears me out, calls me out and dances without shame with me to High School Musical while deep cleaning every crack of said house.

We celebrated Day 1 at our favorite Rusty Taco. Between the shaded patio, $2 fresh tacos, clever t-shirts, frozen margaritas and swirls, which they call “splashes,” this is completely my go-to for a casual afternoon and solid yet cheap food. Are there better tacos out there? Some might say yes. But where else can you get an entire delicious meal and drink with absolutely zero pretentiousness for less than $10? And bonus, turns out my new place is just 5 minutes away from Rusty’s! You know where you can find me all summer…

Making room for changes


We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are. — Max DePree

Isn’t it funny how our minds unconsciously prepare us for upcoming change? I know, I was just writing about how I’m making a conscious effort to live in the moment and appreciate where I am now before I move. Even so, as I rolled into work a tad on the late side this morning I caught myself cursing traffic and thinking, “I can’t wait until I move in a month and don’t have to deal with this traffic anymore.”

Mind you, my new home will not be any closer to work than I am now. In fact, traffic could even be probably will be worse on that side of town. But it’s like the promised newness is a glittery object  (preferably from Anthropologie) dangling in front of me that I can’t help but mesmerizingly coo “oooh pretty” with arms outstretched.

Rather than look at this as a bad thing, I’ve realized it’s actually a coping mechanism of sorts. I’m soon closing the “post-grad firsts” chapter of my life, and my mind is just helping me prepare for a smooth transition to whatever is next. Instead of wanting to hold on tightly to what I have now out of comfort, nostalgia, fear or laziness, my mind is letting me acknowledge those minor details that aren’t 100% awesome to fuel anticipation of all that’s to come.

So, May marks the last month of my South Dallas home and roommates, and I plan to make the most of it by…

  • Spending as many sunny afternoons at the rooftop pool as I can, even if it’s just for the last hour of sun after work.
  • Actually using my apartment’s gym.
  • Hosting a going away party, preferably pool-side of course. 
  • Finally photographing my favorite buildings, painted walls and random art structures throughout South Dallas.
  • Riding the DART…somewhere.

southside sign

Movin’ on up..to the cit-ay

Long story short, after I graduated from college, I took a job in Arizona. Hated it, quit, and moved back to Dallas to pursue the career path I wanted. 10 months of steaming milk at Starbucks and interning later, I finally landed a fantastic job at a fantastic ad agency doing exactly what I want to do. I’ve reached that point in my post-college life where I can take a deep breathe and love where I am. Anyways, the point is I’ve moved into a beautiful apartment in a beautiful area and I was neurotically planning my room weeks [ okay, months ] before I actually moved in, or signed a lease for that matter. This is the inspiration board I came up with prior to move in..

And.. Ta Da! Here is what the place looks like post move in. The two huge windows I have in my room are lust worthy. It’s like having two giant pieces of artwork. My view of trees and England-style brick is simply heaven.

I should note that the frame with the postcards is not yet complete.. I still have some Instagram photos to print! And I am also still pining for that elephant tea pot above.. it’s everything. I think I’d like to have something draped from the ceiling. Like dark wood circles on hemp hanging like Christmas lights at a wedding reception in a tent – not to be specific. Also, the dresser and the knobs I’ve purchased for it still require a trip to the hardware store..

Let me know what you think or any suggestions – decorating is a life long process after all 🙂