Wasting time

You might have heard that Facebook turned ten this week. In commemoration, Time Magazine shared an app that can estimate the amount of time you’ve spent engaging on Facebook. The prospect of actually seeing all my wasted time sounded truly alarming, so I couldn’t resist.

According to this, I average a little over 1 day wasted on Facebook every two years. Keep in mind though, the app can’t quantify browsing, just actual posts. And I had to know.

So I made an estimation of my own: If I spend a cumulative 20-30 minutes a day on Facebook (and I do), that adds up to around six days of time. SIX DAYS.That’s basically a whole week of my only 52 a year!

After going so far as to consider deactivation, I still don’t have set goals for how to limit my time moving forward. But I know I’d much rather spend that time elsewhere, so I’m working on it!

How much time do you spend on social media every year?

Whatchya think?

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