Hand-Holding Couple

As a member of the tourism marketing industry, I love travel photos. Especially those of someone traveling the world so I can live vicariously through it. These photos of the famous hand-holding couple of instagram is seriously cool. They travel all over the world and take the same shot at all the different and new places they visit. Always with the girlfriend looking out in some fashion onto the beauty that they are visiting and reaching back to hold her boyfriend’s (the photographer) hand. Like she’s leading him into this new world they are visiting. One thing I love is her wardrobe choices. They are all very different, but always fit in with the photo and the location. I wish I had seen this before going to Europe! I think it would’ve been so fun to strike the same pose or similar shot in all the different locations I visited. It makes for an amazing photo series that I can’t get over. (shout out to Elite Daily for this one, my love/hate relationship with you rages on)

PS. follow them on Instagram immediately.

follow-me-project-instagram-pt2_03 follow-me-project-instagram-pt2_04 follow-me-project-instagram-pt2_05 follow-me-project-instagram-pt2_08 follow-me-project-instagram-pt2_10 follow-me-project-instagram-pt2_11

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