Snail mail for the holidays

I love snail mail. It’s like little surprises in your mailbox among the bills and “No interest credit cards!”. It’s part of what makes shopping online so exciting and why things like Birch Box have taken off. I’m quite the hoarder when it comes to cards. Since I can remember, I’ve always saved cards. I think I still have some that were created in Microsoft Publisher that you folded into a little book. To me, a card is just unthrow-away-able. (although I hate myself for it every time I move) But in the land of e-cards, snapchats, and texts, snail mail is more and more uncommon. Except around the holidays.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. There is literally nothing I dislike about it (except for the calories and inevitable weight gain). And it’s all that much more sweet when you open your  mailbox to find cards from family and friends. So I want to be a part of it!

A good friend from college tweeted me last week and said “No Christmas card this year from Lydia… I’m beginning to think you don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore.” It reminded me that I had in fact completely forgotten about it! That night I immediately took myself to Target to pick up some holiday cards and are sending them out tonight!

When I send holiday cards though I don’t usually send them to those that I see on a regular basis. For me, the holidays and snail mail are to remind myself of those friends that I don’t see often enough. The friends that you want to make sure that they know how much you mean to them, even if the game of phone tag has gotten less and less competitive.

So go out and pick up some cards! I got mine for $7 for a pack of 14 – not bad. Plus, they’re just totes adorable. Now, if you have more money in the bank and more time in a calendar, check out Rifle Paper Co. Not to be dramatic, but I’m basically obsessed with everything they do. I wouldn’t have minded getting some of these little guys to send out!

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