Hemp Seeds

I’ve added a new food routine to my “trying to eat cleaner” diet. Introducing, Hemp Seeds!


I learned of Hemp Seeds the way I learn about anything anymore, from Instagram. It’s called a seed, but technically it’s a fruit that tastes mildly nutty.

Hemp seeds provides some fantastic health benefits. I’ve been putting about 3 tablespoons into my morning fruit shakes which gets me:

  • 11 grams of protein (!!!!)
  • a healthy anti-inflammatory 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fat
  • Serving of GLA, whose health benefits include (directly from cleancruisineandmore.com)
         – GLA can help reduce hormone-mediated nuisance symptoms (bye-bye PMS!)
         – GLA supports healthy hair, nail and skin health.
         – GLA decreases the tendency of inflammation in general. This can be helpful to anyone with          an inflammatory condition such as asthma, MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc
         – GLA helps lower bad LDL cholesterol and improve cholesterol ratio
         – GLA supports a healthy metabolism and facilitates fat burning (some people who struggle             with weight loss despite eating a healthy diet get a weight loss boost simply by adding GLA           to their diets.)

Protein, better skin, and increased metabolism? Yep, sign me UP. So far, I’ve only included this in my morning shakes (frozen strawberries, frozen berry mix, kale, coconut water, vanilla soy milk for some creaminess). It kind of gives my shakes the slightest after taste of peanut butter. According to some of the sites I’ve looked at, other ways to eat hemp seeds is to include it as some extra texture on your pasta, dry roasted and seasoned, included on top of baked goods, amp up your salad or cereal, add texture to your yogurt, include in your oatmeal and I’m sure there’s more!

Unforunately they are a bit pricey, I bought a 13 ounce bag for like $15 at Whole Foods. I’m sure there are better deals out there, but either way I think it’s way worth it. Enjoy!


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