Whoop-dee-do let’s get cookin

So I have a pretty big goal for myself to establish. I, Lydia, want to get into cooking.


The other day I was at Kroger with my boyfriend to get stuff to make dinner. And by make dinner I mean we bought veggie pasta and an overpriced $9.50 bottle of marinara sauce made locally…at least we branched out a little? Anyhoo, I was dilly daddling contemplating a Burt’s Bees purchase while my boyfriend debated over a parmesan cheese decision. I’m in a “no cheese, please” phase so was mostly disinterested in this 5 minute struggle over store brand vs. the “expensive” one, but for whatever reason I had this strong urge to find some fresh parmesan and grate it by hand for ultimate freshness. Who even am I.

And then, I popped over to Are your twenties a joke and totally related to her post on her new found love for cooking. The idea of going to farmers markets and trying a new, fresh and healthy meal sounds just amazing. Add a bottle of red wine to the cooking process and I am totally there.

I don’t expect that I’ll turn away from my fruit protein shakes Monday – Friday any time soon, but I think I could make Sunday or Saturday nights a cooking night where I try to make something fun. It might just be that a new whole foods market opened just a few streets away and all the yogis I’m stalking on Instagram with all their healthiness is getting to my head, but as part of my new healthy lifestyle, I’d like to work some cooking into the mix. Now, someone get me a cute Anthropologie apron and this kitchen. Stat.

And well, at the very least, I know some friends, mothers and boyfriends who will likely enjoy this revelation (that, or I’ll accidentally poison them, who knows).

One thought on “Whoop-dee-do let’s get cookin

  1. I like french baguette, sharp cheese, fresh basil (from a plant I grow in a pot in my window in the summer), drizzled with olive oil and sometimes balsamic vinaigrette and/or pepper.
    The key in this recipe is highest possible quality for each ingredient.

    I think you made one of my favorite word mix-ups when you used “disinterested”, I think, but I’m not 100% sure (we’d have to ask my dad): http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/disinterested-versus-uninterested

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