Read me..No really.

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I, Lydia, have a problem.

I have an addiction to buying books. I want all the books. More, I want more. Let me give you an example. As of my birthday I had 4 books in my pipeline. And then my office gave me a $20 giftcard to Amazon. So naturally I had to spend $25 to get the free shipping.. which means I bought two books. I now have SIX books to read. SIX. Now thank God I have a few trips coming up to knock a little reading out, but generally speaking I have a hard time reading for very long during the week without absolutely passing out. This means that I will likely be reading these books through December. This fact, however, will surely not deter me from continuing to purchase a book I want just as soon as I hear about it. Plus, Amazon makes it so easy to order a new book right away.

My defense is that buying a book is the best guilty pleasure there is. How mad can I logically be at myself for splurging on knowledge? Plus just look at how amazing these books are! Such a good mix of fun, educational, cultural and historical. The one I am reading now is the I Was Told There’d be Cake. It was a birthday present from fellow Tiffany’s blogger Sarah, and I’ve already laughed out loud a few times!

What’s up next?

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Mindy Kaling.

The Republic of Suffering Drew Gilpin Faust

How to Win Friends & Influence People in the Digital Age Dale Carnegie

Joseph Anton Salman Rushdie

The Favored Daughter Fawzia Koofi

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So anyhoo, this is my endless Summer reading list, mostly aggregated from watching too much of The Daily Show and from friendly recommendations. What’s next on your reading list?

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