Liebster Award

Leah and Jane of smartassy nominated us yesterday for the Liebster Award. As a fellow blog duo we’re quite fans of their work and honored by the nomination! Because seriously, their posts are relatable, brutally honest and usually pret-tay hilarious.


(Flexible) Rules of the Liebster Award:

– Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you.

– Answer the 5 questions from the nominator, list 5 random facts about yourself, nominate 5 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed, and create 5 questions for your nominees. (Blogs should have 200 followers or less. Let the blogger know you have nominated them.)

– Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.


1. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

Lydia: Honestly I think I embarrass myself all the time but don’t notice nor care. Furthermore, I am confident I have just blocked out all my middle school years. But I did recently have a heavy blushing stint at work. Ya see, I had this one horrible photo taken of me at a club/bar in Sevilla, Spain while on a recent vacation. I’m clearly having a blast dancing in my red lipstick  with a bunch of male friends around. Somehow this managed to live on my Facebook for enough time that my coworkers saw it. When I arrived back to work full caffeinated after my long flight, I discovered the photo framed (in a cute frame, I might add) and placed on my desk. So embarrassing! They all think it is hiiiilarious. Somehow though, the picture seems to have disappeared in my drawer…RIP. 😉

Sarah: Oh dear. A side effect of being both awkward and clumsy is that I embarrass myself regularly. I came to terms with this long ago, so now it’s usually just something to laugh about and rather hard to pick just one most embarrassing moment… I mean, there was the time my ex-boyfriend of almost an entire year saw me a year later in Walgreens, and I didn’t recognize him for a good full minute into the conversation. Or the time when I had to run through basically a monsoon to get to a ceremony I was hosting…and then proceeded to announce the awards in a now see-through skirt and bright red underwear. But truly, these are all topped by the fact that I had a xanga. I put all my far-too-personal teenage angst online for the world to see (aka my one loyal reader, my youth pastor) and nearly melted into the floor the day I reread it in college. My best friend reread it with me and likes to quote it from time to time just to rub it in. It has since been deleted, but there is absolutely no way I’ll be sharing my username with you…just in case.

2. Would you take the position of president/prime minister of your country if it were offered to you?

Lydia: Oh absolutely not. I’m quite stubborn but also super indecisive. I feel like I’m the right combination to be totally manipulated like The Sultan from Aladdin. Just awaiting a Jafar. Furthermore, I tend to want people to like me.

Sarah: While the traveling and perks like knowing Beyonce would be sweet, it seems like far too much stress than it’s worth. I also have a tendency to feel an unreasonable amount of responsibility to everyone followed by sickening guilt when I can’t live up to my own unrealistic expectations. This would likely be a recipe for disaster with the whole country counting on me, political parties vying for contrasting outcomes and all in a time of so much international relations instability.

3. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

Lydia: This one was hard! I think the thing I most like about myself is my open mind. It’s not something I’ve always possessed but cultivated  over time. I will try most anything once (maybe I’m a little pickier when it comes to food though) and am open to learn about other’s opinions and lifestyles. It’s also enabled me to see other’s perspectives and engage in great discussions where I learn a lot and can often change my opinion on something.

Sarah: Hmm…This was a hard one at first, but I actually landed on two qualities. I like that despite being a bit of a perfectionist and a huge fan of planners and to do lists, I’m actually pretty easy going. I’m not one for drama and generally flexible when it comes to settling on food, activities, etc. The second is that I’m loyal to a fault…this might be partially related to that sense of responsibility I mentioned. I have friendships that are decades old and will try to do whatever I can for my friends.

4. What (if any) movie always makes you cry?

Lydia: Pretty much any movie where an animal is injured or killed brings a tear to my eye. But my go-to movie for when I’m looking for a good cry is always A Walk to Remember.

Sarah: I swear, before I read Lydia’s answer, A Walk to Remember was totally my choice, too. Every time. I also cried for an hour after the first time I saw Pearl Harbor (I went through quite the Josh Hartnett phase). It’s also worth mentioning I will cry at literally any sentimental or sad moment in any movie or tv show, especially if that show is Grey’s Anatomy.

5. Why did you start your blog?

The heart of the blog is to share the good, the bad and the “oh to be 20-something” digressions on our path to achieve our goals and dreams, to remind us to live intentionally and to constantly seek out new inspiration. We hope, in turn, to inspire others to do the same. After months of noncommittal, whimsical brainstorms, it took several bottles of Prosecco and almost a full season of Pretty Liars commercial breaks before the blog came to fruition. It didn’t hurt that we are both devoted blog readers and always on the lookout for new creative outlets of our own. And on sixth day Finding Tiffany’s was born. On the seventh day we rested… with more Prosecco.


  1. Sarah used to want to be Amish. She still thinks they are quite cool, but not so sure she could live without her hair dryer…or cell phone.
  2. Lydia talks really really unhumanly fast. She blames it on being from the East Coast, but even east coasters think it’s a little ridiculous.
  3. Sarah will only drink hot drinks through straws. No straw = no coffee, tea, etc.
  4. Lydia pronounced the phrase “hand me downs” wrong until the age of 17, because her mom thought it was just too cute that she said “handy downs” to correct her.
  5. Sarah and Lydia got locked in a mall once. Visions of camping out, raiding the food court and playing games a la The OC flashed through their minds, followed quickly by terror and a sudden onset of growing claustrophobia. Luckily a security guard was kind enough to find and escort them to their car.

Blog Nominees

Since it took us SO long into the Liebster nominating process to A. notice we had been nominated and B. actually get together to compile this post, it’s been hard to find blogs that haven’t already been nominated! It turns out that many of our go-to blogs are also beloved by many others, which is a great thing. Here’s some of the other blogs we love (sorry if there are any repeat nominations!):


Your Questions: What’s Your…

  1. Number one place you’ve always wanted to visit?
  2. Absolute dream job (regardless of any practicality, your education / experience, etc.)?
  3. Best book you’ve read recently?
  4. Happiest memory?
  5. Celebrity crush?

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