Sundays are for Lovers (or cleaning, nails, and tea)


Well, I had one of those terrible moments where your brunch plans get cancelled that morning. I was slightly disappointed, but then decided to be glad to be saving the money that I already spent on my new backpack from Urban Outfitters for my pending Europe Trip. Then, in true Finding Tiffanys fashion, I took advantage of the free time! I came home from playing at the dog park with Westley, whipped up some eggs, toast and a homemade cappuccino. I painted my nails, caught up on Bloomberg Businessweek, shampooed the kitchen chairs and now I am enjoying a homemade Vanilla Roiboos Tea latte and, of course, messy hair. Throw in some Sex and The City Season 6, Frank Sinatra on vinyl, an absolutely beautiful Dallas day, a cleaner closet, and you have the most perfect Sunday morning. There is no other point to this post other than the picture above is the background on my second computer screen (from, I’m incredibly jealous of her life) and is exactly what I’m doing today. I feel like I should probably make some sort of social plans later, but I am loving the quiet.

Images (Frassy)

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