Lydia’s List of to do’s

Sarah and I decided to make “to do” lists. In addition to enjoying our lives to the fullest, we don’t want to forget about those big things. The big ones that require planning, saving and vacation time. True to our nature, we are covering all of our bases.

I make New Years resolutions every year. I never remember them as they are usually decided moments before I fall to sleep and typically involve weight, exercise and “do less” of something. I much prefer to refer to this list as a “To Do” list. I love to do lists. I live for to do lists. Any kind of lists, really. The feeling of drawing that clean, straight line through an accomplished task or activity is like having a piece of chocolate (which is not to say that upon crossing something out on a list you shouldn’t celebrate with a Dove Dark Chocolate. You most absolutely should).

Anyhoo. My list is more for the next two or so years. I feel my interests are constantly changing. For instance as of today I have no interest in deserts in the least. But who knows, maybe in a few years I’ll be yearning to ride a good camel.

Without further adieu, my list.

2 thoughts on “Lydia’s List of to do’s

  1. Say yes more than no- reminds me of the movie “Yes Man”. I felt inspired to say yes more often after watching it. I share your 4,6,8,9, and 13 goals. Good stuff 🙂

  2. Hey Scharon!

    I’m glad you agree 🙂 – I think I may have gotten a little more abstract in my To Do list, but I think it is all integral to experiencing and enjoying life more! Especially the TV one.. I don’t want to admit the amount of weekday evenings I’ve wasted watching Law & Order reruns and any Real Housewives!

    I loved the movie “Yes Man”! I do hope I never consume that much Red Bull though.. I suppose there is a limit to saying Yes! all the time, but I’d rather find out what that limit is than say no! Thanks for reading!

    – Lydia

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