Crossing the line

plate spinning

I refer to my life in terms of spinning plates.

At any point in time I have multiple plates spinning. It is a fine but blurry line between too many plates and not near enough, but “luckily” testing lines with a dangerous combination of curiosity, ambition and pride has been a historic specialty of mine.

I get a masochistic kick out of challenging myself to see just how many plates I can keep going, and this week definitely set a record that put a significant dent in my office’s keurig supply, my sleep and liver health (good thing those things regenerate, right?).

Between insane work expectations, wedding planning, marriage planning, doctor appointments and just plain life, all the plates went airborne this week and left me scrambling at the bottom, hoping nothing would break.

how I felt this week, minus Natalie Portman’s “time to go” ear tug

I wish I had some wise words or a witty experience to share with you all today. All I can say is sometimes slow starts with coffee and a travel magazine, 3-mile weekend walks with your roommate and a lazy afternoon with your fiance and the latest Sherlock episode can’t come at a better time.

Welcoming the weekend

happy saturday

I have a backseat of things I’ve been meaning to return for months, an apartment that could probably stand a deep-cleaning and other assorted errands to run…

But today these can wait.

Today is for sleeping in, laughing to the latest episode of New Girl with my roommate and some gluten-free pancakes, reading (and finally finishing) The Tipping Point, listening to my Stars Pandora station, not wearing real pants (here’s looking at you, leggings), burning my Seashore candle, opening the windows to enjoy some fresh air and watching a movie or two.

How are you spending your weekend?

Dolce Far Niente

Why is it that waking up on a weekday feels like getting slapped with bricks of death and on the first Saturday in a month when I have nothing to do I wake up at 8:30 a.m. ready to seize the day? (You’re welcome for the Newsies reference.)

According to Italians (which I am) and Eat Pray Love (which I love), la dolce far niente means the sweetness of doing nothing, of just embracing and enjoying the fullness of life as it comes:

This is exactly me! Often, I feel I spend the work week thinking about all the things I’d like to do for fun and like to accomplish…and then the weekend rolls around and I get very lazy with my spare time. No more.

Of course, my type-A self can’t help but make a few “plans” for my weekend of no plans. Here’s what I’m hoping my weekend will look like:

If I’m feeling extra ambitious I may even start and finish Perks of Being a Wallflower (I’m absolutely in love with the movie and can’t believe I still haven’t actually read the book) and go on a run around White Rock Lake or Katy Trail…

What are you doing to embrace and enjoy your weekend?