Living for the weekend

Although we expected nothing less from my favorite golden child/brother, this past weekend was absolute wedding/family/friend bliss. To top it off, I got some much needed beach time! My feet have never craved sand so badly in my whole life. The wedding was the epitome of simple elegance. Combine that with great music, flowing wine and a family of crazy dancers, you have an al dente recipe for a jolly good time. I haven’t gotten over how much fun I had. Reconnecting with cousins, aunts, uncles and getting to reunite with my soul sista from Spain.. all just magical. Watching my brother so in love and saying his vows to his new wife, was simply everything. And not to up the jealousy scale, but I also got to enjoy TWO morning runs right next to the water. It was still early, so the water was completely still like glass. If there was ever a time to try walking on water, that was it. It looked solid, quiet and peaceful…just begging for a cannonball if you ask me. 

At Tiffany’s, we always stress living every day to it’s fullest and living intentionally. This past weekend was the kind that tempt you to be someone who “lives for the weekend.” I, personally, hate that expression. I hope to never be someone who is just getting through Monday- Friday afternoon. That’s FOUR and a HALF days of living that you’re skipping over. Sure, you might be spending a large majority of that time sitting at your desk working away, but there are ways to soak up that day to day time. And, your’e in luck, I’m going to break down some little things I do for myself everyday. [get excited… ;)]


Mornings. If you wake up and rush to get to work, you’re missing out on some valuable enjoyable time. For instance, in the mornings I go for a long walk with my dog and either listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning (guilty pleasure) or take a book with me and listen to some tunes. Now not everyone can read and walk, or have a dog to walk for that matter, but surely you’re catching my drift. I love that peaceful time when the temperature hasn’t gotten to hot and my neighborhood is still relatively quiet. I also just love coffee. I only have about half a cup or so a day, but I love every sip! So I am always sure to have my coffee in a cute mug, and sip on it while I get ready in the morning. By the time I get to work, I’m already in a faaaabulous mood. 


Work monotony. Sometimes, work can get a little monotonous. So, to keep me happy during the day I’ll listen to a TED Talk, a new playlist on Spotify and take short little breaks throughout the day if the task at hand is too boring. 


Post work release. Once you’ve been cooped up all day in an office, I think it’s so important to get moving sometime before you go to bed. You’ll boost your endorphins and you’ll sleep better. This could be going for a run, walk, bike ride, a yoga class or even heading to the gym (if you’re into that, I’m jealous. Gyms bore me to tears). 

All I am saying is, it’s silly to just “get through” the weekdays to get to relax on the weekends. Enjoy the routine of a weekday and find ways to make each day a relatively good day. Maybe for you that’s cooking a delicious meal (you’re welcome to come over ANY time) or getting in bed earlier to snuggle in your covers with a good book. Find your little bit of happiness each and every day. 


PS.. hello MATT

And I’m off

finding1 finding2 finding3

I’m off this weekend for a jam packed weekend of triathlons (watching, let’s be clear here), two brunches, a birthday and a wedding! The gifts are all wrapped, my bag is fully packed with my selfish need to overpack for every occasion, my toiletries are laid out so I don’t forget my deodorant, and Westley’s all set up to spend the weekend with his grandparents. My sunglasses are even securely stored in my car so I don’t get completely blinded on the two and a half hour drive north.

I’m pretty excited to head up to Norman, Oklahoma [boomer sooner, baby]. I feel like I haven’t stopped by the alma mater for a visit in quite a long time. I just love that school. My boyfriend isn’t a big fan of the small Oklahoma town and thinks it’s kind of silly, so I fully intend on setting him straight. No, I’m not a big football fan but by God it’s just a gorgeous campus! There’s just no way you can drive down a community street towards campus and not want to be one of the students lugging their laptops towards their summer jail classroom. The bonus is I get to see an old college friend marry her best friend on our favorite campus. How lovely! I’ll even been shacking in a hotel room this go around. I’m just so mid-twenties [ha].

I’m also hoping to head a little north and check out the damage in Moore. I’m not totally sure how I’ll react when I see the destruction, I think it’ll be hard to handle. I don’t think I’ve quite wrapped my head around what happened to my second home. The miles upon miles layered on top of miles is surely going to be overwhelming.

I hope you have a great weekend! If you’re enjoying this not so hot Texas Summer right now, soak it up. I feel like we’re on the verge of a meltdown.