Inspired by the classics


Red, white and blue outfits have never been my thing. While the Fourth of July is actually one of my favorite holidays, wearing that much Americana spirit any other day can quickly make individually stylish items together feel like a preppy costume.

Lately though, I’ve fallen in love with unique combinations like the ones above. Mixing completely different patterns within the red, white and blue color scheme has a surprisingly modern feel.

It’s unexpected, and I like it. I’m forecasting a whole lot more where this came from, which is Nordstrom by the way, in case you’re about to make a mad dash. I’ll see you there!

Head first

felt hat inspiration

I noticed an unusual amount of my ‘Looks I Like’ pins as of late share a mutual characteristic, a felt hat. I’ve never really considered myself a hat person before. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re beyond stylish, but they all seem to transform me into Indiana Jones’ sidekick or worse…

How I think I look wearing hats:

felt hat

How I actually look:

curious george man hat

Regardless of the very large margin of error that exists with this trend, I’m on the quest (Indiana Jones pun not intended) to find a felt, fedora-ish hat that actually fits. The problem is, they’re all over Pinterest, but no one seems to be selling them. One felt hat that isn’t too tall or too flat, too wide-brimmed or too pointy, too floppy or too that too much to ask?