Friday Musing

So I don’t have an excuse lined up for my lack of posting for the last week or so. The best I can come up with is the discovery of the best television show ever, House of Cards. But alas, TV is a terrible excuse (although if you watch the show, you’ll get where I’m coming from. I mean did anyone see that coming at the end of the first episode of season 2?! And those one line pieces of life advice just kill me. Gah I need to watch another episode ASAP).

So to get back to regular posting, I’d like to start posting some new (to me) music every week. I loooove finding new music and thanks to friends with good taste and Spotify Discovery, I feel like I’m listening to new bands on the reg. I tried to delete my Facebook this week and go off the grid, but it turns out you can’t use Spotify with out that Facebook. And I simply can’t live without Spotify. Le weigh.

Today’s musing is After the Disco from Broken Bells. I’m a little sleepy today, so this song is putting pep in my step that I need to get through till 5 PM.

Nuggets of news

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First off, I’d like to start with two very exciting nuggets of news. First is, Sarah’s Birthday was yesterday! Sarah, myself, and a dozen of Sarah’s friends headed to Company Cafe. A favorite of ours here at Finding Tiffanys. It provides so many healthy options and is heavy on the vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes. It’s a win, win, win and win. Do we even need to add that it’s delicious and obviously adorable? Sarah will also be jetting off to DC tomorrow. I am insanely jealous. Naturally. Let’s hope she brings back some amazing photos! (hint hint.. nudge nudge)

The other piece of news was also in celebration of Sarah’s big day – as a birthday surprise I purchased! Although a mutually beneficial gift, we are both super excited about it. We’re pretty sure the blog looks so much better without .wordpress in the URL…irrational? Who cares. So excited!!

A few goals for me this week.

Explore new music. I used to consider myself quite the music afficinado. I was on the concert series committee in college that brought some great bands to our campus and was strongly leaning towards a career working for a record label. And yet, somewhere along the road between my computer crashing and losing my iTunes library and moving to Arizona where there was no time for finding new music, my thirst to explore went away. But now I’m parched. I’m hungry to start exploring again and diving into new bands, unexplored genres and going out of my comfort zone. Lucky for me, there are a ton of amazing festivals coming this summer and I’ve literally been going through the lineup and listening to bands on Spotify. Need to start somewhere, right? Plus, I have friends who are experts at finding new music at a level I’ll never compare to and I have no problems mooching off their ideas for a little while. For now, here are a couple tunes I’m obsessing over.

Don’t stress out. The next two weeks are pretty jam packed. I have a ton on my to do list, a ton to do at work and a ton of social activities I’d rather not skimp out on. Not to mention, my room is a mess. Which makes everything seem so much more stressful, don’t you think?

Make a plan to plan. Is this getting redundant yet? I need to plan my Europe trip..

Caffeine.. don’t drink it? It’s no secret that I am a coffee addict. I have no qualms about this either. I love my coffee black and it loves me back. But for whatever reason, I haven’t needed it all week. I had a green tea this morning, and two sips of a coffee yesterday. And yet, I am full of energy? Decaf is starting to sound like a reasonable thing now…death before decaf no more I suppose. Who am I? Yikes.

Have an amazing week!

New York City Where All the Girls are Pretty

It seems Sarah and I have switched motivation levels. Mine is quite low this week. I couldn’t even get enthused over a solid Co. Design email newsletter. Furthermore it’s raining today, and with every drop that falls, my energy falls with it. But we can’t be super energetic and productive all the time can we? I don’t know if I can afford that much coffee..The only concern I have about this is that I have no idea what I’m going to do for my “1 Second Everyday” videos this week..there are sure to be a lot of boring (to everyone but me) reading shots. Anyhoo, instead I’d like to give you a nice pretty tune that I have on repeat today. Is it helping me get motivated? Not in the least. Is it beautiful and do I love singing it loud in my car? Absolutely. Enjoy.

Inspiration: Role Models + Caffeine

This week at Gaia Flow Yoga (you should know upfront, I drank the punch and am addicted to everything about this place), our yogi practice was focused on tapas; fiery discipline. So far this has been my favorite niyama we’ve had and I worked to apply it to my week. When I made my inspiration list this week, I realized that tapas played a big role in the three people I listed as inspiring me this week. My role models tend to be creative people with the initiative and drive to make their vision happen. And to follow in their footsteps, I think practicing fiery discipline every week is the first step.

John Fullbright.

I saw him in concert almost by accident last weekend and am fully obsessed. Into Americana? You’ll be into him. He’s also pretty funny and a fellow Okla-homie. So now when he becomes huge, you can be like “Oh I knew him way back when.”

Saul Leiter

He’s going to be featured in a documentary called In No Great Hurry  at the Thin Line Film Fest in Denton. Watch the trailer, I don’t have much to add. He just seems amazing.

Bob Dylan.

I’m currently reading his book and am inspired each and every day by his writing, ambition and his seriously overall profound-ness.


I worked for Starbucks for about 10 months. Since then, I’ve discovered what a cappaccino actually is and I’m a tad obsessed. I love the little tea cups they come in, and my caffeine high afterwards. So far, the best is Ascension Coffee in the Design District but I want to try every cappaccino in Dallas. You wish I was kidding. To fuel my addiction, my roommate recently purchased an espresso maker and a milk-frother – but an old fashion version that feels more like cooking. It is delicious AND I can have a free cappaccino whenever my caffeine addicted heart desires. Since I have been practicing my fiery discipline and actually waking up when I want to, I’ve enjoyed quite a few cappuccinos this week.