Change is scary


Change is scary. It just inherently is. When you make a change, you don’t know how it’s going to end up. Yeah, things could get way more awesome or they could be terrible and you’ll regret it.  I took a big risk right after graduation, and although I’m sure one day I’ll realize what it was that I learned from the experience, as of right now I just regret it.

So, how do you know when to lean in and embrace a potential change and when to cruise along and forgo the disruption? When is the risk worth the potential reward?

I’ve thought about this a lot lately. It’s so hard to tell and a list of pros and cons can only go so far. The fear of failing can be stifling. It can leave you to settle with what you have now and not push for more. Change will disrupt your day to day life, and are you really ready for that? Will you be able to make that yoga class you enjoy so much still? Will it affect your relationships? And..will your dog like it?  And did I mention, what if I fail? What if I fail? 

The good news is, I’ve come to realize, that I’m only 24. Which is by far my favorite age thus far, with the exception of 4.. when I was still rocking natural white blonde curly hair.. I was adorable. (What happened?!). And at 24, change should be embraced. We should pick up the change, cradle it, give it a kiss and let it stay up late to watch cartoons. And why?

Because I’m only 24. I currently am unmarried (with no intention of changing that for quite some time) and without children. There’s no one relying on me. I don’t have a ton of expenses aside from a car payment and yoga bills. Now IS the time to experiment with change. To embrace potential new challenges that could leave you face planted in the cement with a bloody nose and a nasty scab on your knee cap. But, there’s time to get back on your feet. There quite literally is no time like the present.

But, you know what, it’s still scary. And a con list could be two pages deep, but your gut and your heart will still be in it regardless. So what do you listen to? Logic or your heart? In the words of my all-knowing best friend, follow your heart. Because now’s the time to make mistakes and learn a little.

Now I’m not talking risking your life by drinking and driving, #YOLO, drug experimenting or going home from a bar with strangers. Because that’s called being irresponsible, not risk taking. I’m talking real life changes. Like moving somewhere to pursue a new career, making a leap of faith in your relationship or seizing a potentially scary opportunity.

I’m about to be annoyingly vague.. but… I’m looking to make a few changes and hopefully have the opportunity to take a risk very soon that will maybe make me miss a few yoga classes, my dog might not like it and it might affect my relationships. But my heart’s in it. It feels right. It feels worth it. And frankly, I don’t want to live in regret of something that could have been.

Wish me luck in my vague reference to a risk that might not even happen?

Living for the weekend

Although we expected nothing less from my favorite golden child/brother, this past weekend was absolute wedding/family/friend bliss. To top it off, I got some much needed beach time! My feet have never craved sand so badly in my whole life. The wedding was the epitome of simple elegance. Combine that with great music, flowing wine and a family of crazy dancers, you have an al dente recipe for a jolly good time. I haven’t gotten over how much fun I had. Reconnecting with cousins, aunts, uncles and getting to reunite with my soul sista from Spain.. all just magical. Watching my brother so in love and saying his vows to his new wife, was simply everything. And not to up the jealousy scale, but I also got to enjoy TWO morning runs right next to the water. It was still early, so the water was completely still like glass. If there was ever a time to try walking on water, that was it. It looked solid, quiet and peaceful…just begging for a cannonball if you ask me. 

At Tiffany’s, we always stress living every day to it’s fullest and living intentionally. This past weekend was the kind that tempt you to be someone who “lives for the weekend.” I, personally, hate that expression. I hope to never be someone who is just getting through Monday- Friday afternoon. That’s FOUR and a HALF days of living that you’re skipping over. Sure, you might be spending a large majority of that time sitting at your desk working away, but there are ways to soak up that day to day time. And, your’e in luck, I’m going to break down some little things I do for myself everyday. [get excited… ;)]


Mornings. If you wake up and rush to get to work, you’re missing out on some valuable enjoyable time. For instance, in the mornings I go for a long walk with my dog and either listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning (guilty pleasure) or take a book with me and listen to some tunes. Now not everyone can read and walk, or have a dog to walk for that matter, but surely you’re catching my drift. I love that peaceful time when the temperature hasn’t gotten to hot and my neighborhood is still relatively quiet. I also just love coffee. I only have about half a cup or so a day, but I love every sip! So I am always sure to have my coffee in a cute mug, and sip on it while I get ready in the morning. By the time I get to work, I’m already in a faaaabulous mood. 


Work monotony. Sometimes, work can get a little monotonous. So, to keep me happy during the day I’ll listen to a TED Talk, a new playlist on Spotify and take short little breaks throughout the day if the task at hand is too boring. 


Post work release. Once you’ve been cooped up all day in an office, I think it’s so important to get moving sometime before you go to bed. You’ll boost your endorphins and you’ll sleep better. This could be going for a run, walk, bike ride, a yoga class or even heading to the gym (if you’re into that, I’m jealous. Gyms bore me to tears). 

All I am saying is, it’s silly to just “get through” the weekdays to get to relax on the weekends. Enjoy the routine of a weekday and find ways to make each day a relatively good day. Maybe for you that’s cooking a delicious meal (you’re welcome to come over ANY time) or getting in bed earlier to snuggle in your covers with a good book. Find your little bit of happiness each and every day. 


PS.. hello MATT

My dream weekend

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Today my brain is all over the place, which makes it actually kinda the perfect weekend to have the boyfriend and two of my closest friends out of town.

This weekend I’ve got a date with myself. I’m going to hole up, read, think and journal. I keep coming back to a conversation I had last weekend about settling and wondering, am I settling at all? At work, relationships, life…sometimes it’s good to check-in for a little personal diagnostic and make sure everything’s “on track.” There’s so many things I want to do and places I want to see that I haven’t thought about in awhile. It’s time to bring those dreams up again and maybe even focus in on new ones.

Part of the reason I might be thinking about dreams and new experiences might be more than a little inspired by co-blogger Lydia’s fantastic European adventure. You might have noticed her absence this past week (I know I have!), but rest assured she’s having the time of her life, with the instagram feed to prove it.

Here’s to a productive, thoughtful weekend!

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