Oh hellooo July.

So I originally wrote this post with the intention of posting it abouuuuttt 10 days ago. And well, now that we are 11 days into July already, this post may have a mute point. But I still like the idea of reflecting on June, so here it goes.


July really crept up on me, it feels like just yesterday I was saying the exact same thing about June, so forgive my broken record whining. In the interest of slowing time down, I’m taking this first post of July to reminisce.

I visited with family. My brother got hitched in mid June and as a reward, we all got to spend 4 days in Florida. I love my extended family. Most of the fam lives on the East coast, and my mom, dad and brother and I all moved to Texas in ’97. As life got more and more expensive and busy, we visited less and less. But my brother pointed out in a speech during an engagement party in Maryland that no matter how much time has passed, whenever we come back to visit we are always welcomed with hugs and love, and it’s like we never left. It’s such a beautiful thing. Now we’re all just on the lookout for the next wedding till we can drink get together again.

Back to the wedding thing. Did I mention how beautiful it was? I was on the phone with my Grandma the other day and she pointed out what a beautiful couple my brother and his wife made. The whole night, the venue, the people and the couple we were there to celebrate all combined to make for one perfectly lovely affair.

My soul sista returned. My very best friend is a wanderlust and she’s been living in Spain since we graduated. She’s back for about a year and it’s just so wonderful. My enthusiasm for introducing my boyfriend to my best friend was borderline creepy, but they both handled the pressure with poise. Having her back in my state has been a blast. Although it will be short lived since she is sure to be off again in no time, I’m soaking up all the time I can get.

I saw Portugal, the Man and it rocked. Those guys are sickly talented. They played Atomic Man and my heart melted.

I spent a lot of June talking about working out and changing up my lifestyle a little bit. Soo I’m happy to say that I also lost 5 pounds and I’m pretty stoked about it. It’s just nice to see healthy eating habits and workout routines actually pay off.. am I right? Although I’m still working on getting my butt out of bed to throw on running shoes, there has definitely been progress!

So what’s next for July? What goals can I accomplish? I want to continue my efforts in healthy living, read more (broken record again, I know I know), strive for new professional goals, teach Westley not to pull on the leash when he sees a squirrel because they are literally EVERYWHERE, and continue to focus on living in the present. And to better focus on living in the present, I want to re-take up journaling.

Hmm why is that many of my goal’s (falling asleep journaling and reading, getting up to work out) biggest obstacle is my bed? Perhaps I need to make my bed less amazing…nahhh never mind. I’m not a miracle worker.

Setting the tune for June

June1June2 June3

I never really thought June would arrive. It’s so been so far away for so long that I assumed it would take another year or so for that pesky calendar to get around to it. Despite my resistance and by some twist of fate, here we are. June. June 4th in fact. I celebrated the end of May pretty fantastically packed with brunches, doggie dates, prosecco, mambo taxis, boyfriend time and present shopping. Which is really setting the right tune for June. June is busy busy and so expensive. My poor little credit card is not going to be happy with me after all the birthdays, brunches, wedding gifts, doggie care and travel expenses. You can thank me latter, BOA.

I’m also making some adjustments to my workout routine. As it turns out I am a pansy and anything above 83 degrees is too hot for me to get a good 6 mile run in – especially with that ferocious Texas sun beating down on my back and my dog’s black fur. And waiting till 8 or 9 PM to go running isn’t the best strategy for a good night sleep or a decent dinnertime. So I’m trying my absolute best to become a morning runner. It’s so hard. Like..guys..so hard. First off I can’t breathe in the mornings. My lungs are tight and don’t allow me to get a good breathe going. And then there’s the whole “this is so early and my bed feels like an absolute cloud” part of it that is a wee challenge to get around.

Monday was my first go at it and I loved it. It was so cool and crisp in the morning, there was hardly any traffic and I felt energized the rest of the day. But the real best part? I spent yesterday evening reading, cleaning and lounging – I even cooked a dinner that was more than a protein shake. Hell, I even read while I walked my dog – no small feat I might add. I’m still working out some kinks to the ol’ work out routine, but I am really enjoying getting my workouts done early. By 9 AM I already feel so accomplished and I am able to focus better while I’m at work. It’s also opening up my afternoons to be able to focus on a bit more on toning on my running days with some ab work, pushups and lunges.

So anyhoo, I am trying to welcome June in with energized open arms. It will be an exciting, tiring, expensive, draining and super fun month. Thank goodness for caffeine.