Keeping up with the times

time time is now quoteWhile some blogging days I like to just sit down and see what comes out, I can’t deny the fact that ultimately, I’m a planner at heart. So all week long I’ve planned to rant reflect about how absurdly fast this past month disappeared and look ahead to the current one. It’s a testament to just how fast last month really did go by in that I didn’t even realize until just now that my to do list has read all week: “Saturday: July Beginning blog post.”


Given my apparent obliviousness to the entire month of July, I decided to explore this phenomenon a little further, which a Brain Pickings article deems ‘mind time.’ Titled Why time slows down when we’re afraid, speeds up as we age, and gets warped on vacation, the article presents some interesting theories for our perception and memory of time.

When I was eight, for example, I remember long summer and weekend days spent building houses in the woods behind my best friend’s house, scavenging for cool sticks and empty bottles to ‘decorate’ our houses, being quite sure we were the very first to discover a creek there, feeling so dangerous for secretly swimming in it…and yes, this PG definition of ‘dangerous’ did persist throughout much of my life to probably my parents’ relief, but that’s a different blog post.

The article points out that the reason days seemed so long when I was eight is because at that point, that year was a whopping 1/8 of my entire life. Now my years make up comparatively less and less of my entire life, making them feel shorter and faster with every passing day, month and year.

For me, all this does is emphasize how important it really is to be making the most of every moment I can…and it’s probably a little hard to be practicing living in the present if I don’t even know when that is. August is bringing plenty of notable things my way, too:

My first pizza in four months. My homemade (ish) attempt at a gluten-free, vegan pizza to be exact.

A housewarming party! I love hosting all my favorite people under one roof, so in addition to being a great incentive to finish all our DIY projects and stock our bar cart, enjoying the place with friends and family will be the final touch to really making our house a home.

New ‘neighbors’. The aforementioned best friend and I have maintained a long distance friendship since I was nine years old. She just accepted a job in the DFW area, though, so we will finally get to see what spending time together is like minus the plane ticket or multiple hour car ride.

What are you looking forward to this month?

UPDATE: I just read Lydia’s post about August’s surprising arrival…after publishing my own. Somebody needs to tell this time to slow down! Who’s with me?

Oh hellooo July.

So I originally wrote this post with the intention of posting it abouuuuttt 10 days ago. And well, now that we are 11 days into July already, this post may have a mute point. But I still like the idea of reflecting on June, so here it goes.


July really crept up on me, it feels like just yesterday I was saying the exact same thing about June, so forgive my broken record whining. In the interest of slowing time down, I’m taking this first post of July to reminisce.

I visited with family. My brother got hitched in mid June and as a reward, we all got to spend 4 days in Florida. I love my extended family. Most of the fam lives on the East coast, and my mom, dad and brother and I all moved to Texas in ’97. As life got more and more expensive and busy, we visited less and less. But my brother pointed out in a speech during an engagement party in Maryland that no matter how much time has passed, whenever we come back to visit we are always welcomed with hugs and love, and it’s like we never left. It’s such a beautiful thing. Now we’re all just on the lookout for the next wedding till we can drink get together again.

Back to the wedding thing. Did I mention how beautiful it was? I was on the phone with my Grandma the other day and she pointed out what a beautiful couple my brother and his wife made. The whole night, the venue, the people and the couple we were there to celebrate all combined to make for one perfectly lovely affair.

My soul sista returned. My very best friend is a wanderlust and she’s been living in Spain since we graduated. She’s back for about a year and it’s just so wonderful. My enthusiasm for introducing my boyfriend to my best friend was borderline creepy, but they both handled the pressure with poise. Having her back in my state has been a blast. Although it will be short lived since she is sure to be off again in no time, I’m soaking up all the time I can get.

I saw Portugal, the Man and it rocked. Those guys are sickly talented. They played Atomic Man and my heart melted.

I spent a lot of June talking about working out and changing up my lifestyle a little bit. Soo I’m happy to say that I also lost 5 pounds and I’m pretty stoked about it. It’s just nice to see healthy eating habits and workout routines actually pay off.. am I right? Although I’m still working on getting my butt out of bed to throw on running shoes, there has definitely been progress!

So what’s next for July? What goals can I accomplish? I want to continue my efforts in healthy living, read more (broken record again, I know I know), strive for new professional goals, teach Westley not to pull on the leash when he sees a squirrel because they are literally EVERYWHERE, and continue to focus on living in the present. And to better focus on living in the present, I want to re-take up journaling.

Hmm why is that many of my goal’s (falling asleep journaling and reading, getting up to work out) biggest obstacle is my bed? Perhaps I need to make my bed less amazing…nahhh never mind. I’m not a miracle worker.

Fun, sun and fourth

fourth of july sparklersfourth of july recipesred white and blue pool partyfourth of july style

Happy Fourth of July!

While I’m fully aware that next to no one is online and blog-reading today, I couldn’t help but share a little of the day with you all before I set out for an afternoon of pool-side and rooftop celebrations, followed by a wedding at an idyllic-sounding bed & breakfast in Wisconsin and a couple days reveling in the joys of tall buildings and public transportation in Chicago. I started 2013 with the commitment to finally get myself up to Chicago, which is also around the time I decided to cut out added sugar / desserts for a multitude of health / lifestyle reasons I’ve talked about before. Next week not only will I be able to cross Chicago of my resolutions list, but I will also be treating myself to my first real dessert (fruit doesn’t count) of 2013…a Sprinkles cupcake, naturally, circa their cupcake ATM.

It’s a big week.

But for right now, I’m just soaking up all things Fourth of July. The combination of the sunny outdoors, pools, friends, hot dogs and fireworks makes this holiday pretty much unbeatable in my mind. Like everyone probably does with their favorite holiday, I hype it up a lot, but it really never disappoints.

My new royal blue sundress? Drying.

Beer and prosecco? Chilling.

Now if I could just get my hands on some sparklers, I’d say this day is complete. Have a great holiday, everybody!