Hello, it’s your immune system

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Earlier this year, my immune system forced a confrontation. Since being forced to slow down and make time for things like, oh, eating, I hopped right online and pulled the trigger on some items waiting around in my shopping cart…for a year. You may not have Shingles (because you’re not, like, 27 going on 60), but these three things are all-around useful for getting and staying healthy.

Garlic. Raw garlic has natural antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, so I put about 5 cloves in quinoa. My husband loved me right about then. Maybe more than when I made him put hydrocortisone on my shingles, though – HA! Word of caution: it is possible (although difficult) to overdose on garlic. Really. I accidentally made myself sick after an overenthusiastic garlic binge during my first inflammation experience. I don’t know if that tidbit is laughably sad, helpful or both?

On to Vitamin D. Definitely do your research on this one. When I did, I found out that some supplements use D2 or ergocalciferol, which can be toxic in large amounts and even apparently alter your body tissues. What you want for immune system support is D3 orĀ cholecalciferol. Deliciously Organic goes into all of the details, so check it out! I bought this liquid Vitamin D3 supplement, because it’s potent (only one drop a day vs. 3-5) and doesn’t contain any unnatural or allergy-inducing additives like so many other brands.

Ashwagandha. Where to start? The flavor might not be all that (let’s just say the name means “the smell of a horse” for a reason), but the benefits are many. People swear by this Ayurvedic herb for reducing stress. It also helps regulate your blood sugar and immune system, provides antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory. So far, I simply put one drop in my pressed juices…I hear the powder version could taste good in water or your choice of milk/alternative, too.