The world is a fashion show

I like to think we talk about some ‘real life’ things around here…finding our place professionally or in relationships, efforts to be our best self with healthiness/fitness/habits, etc. So I can’t help but feel a little superficial when all I really want to do is another ‘trend’ post and tell ya’ll how excited I am about something in the fashion world.

But if this blog is about being real, then I have to tell you – I’m real excited about mixing neutrals.

Black on brown leather, grey jeans with brown boots, suede with just about anything…I’m all over it right now. Earlier this week I wore three shades of brown with a black top. I even instagrammed my latest combination, singing to myself a little diddy that consisted of “boots-and-tights, boots-and-tights” repeated in sing-song fashion.

Yup. (I’m highly creative at penning lyrics if you hadn’t noticed.)

And you know what? I don’t really care if it’s silly. I get dressed for me every day, and even if I don’t see another human being, I get a kick out of wearing things I like. If it takes the same amount of effort to pull clothing over my head, that clothing might as well be a cute dress, right?

I may have calmed down a bit since my melodramatic teenage years yelling “All the WORLD is a fashion show” a la Shakespeare in response to my mother’s complaint about waiting far too long for me to just accompany her to the grocery store already (“It’s just Kroger!”).

I no longer watch tv and “have to” grab a notebook “right this second” because there’s a crazy cute outfit on screen inspiring ideas that need sketching. Seriously, guys, I had so many pages of futuristic outfits (I preferred the terms “mod” and “fashion-forward”), I could have been a costumer designer for the next Zenon movie, but I digress.

I DO still glean quite a lot of inspiration from the fashion world though. Here’s some photos of what I’m loving lately, courtesy of Pinterest:

black hat brown scarf

black and brown leather jacket

black brown and grey tights and boots

tights and shorts

P.S. I also spent much of 6th grade wearing one, only one, huge dangly earring with a Chinese symbol on it because I was convinced the asymmetry was cool… #whenfashionlovedoesntloveback

White On

white blazer and jeans white blazer white blazer printed dress white blazer and shorts

I’m pretty confident not having a white blazer is the only thing standing between me and ultimate career / life domination.

This could also have something to do with my relatively few years in the working world or my still in-progress definition of “success”…but still.

For me, clothing not only says a lot about how I feel, but it also sets the tone for how I want to feel each day. And I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to not feel completely put together and sophisticated while wearing a white blazer.

When I visualize a productive, stress-free day at the office (ha) or a sunny patio brunch with my favorite people, a chic white blazer is definitely a component. Its versatility is such a bonus, too. Since I now spend the majority of my weeks in Antartica a freezing office and am lucky to work in a place that values trendy and professional outfits, I tend to look more for items fit for agency life and beyond. A tailored white blazer that can be dressed up or down for the office, a client meeting, brunch, date night and parties over shorts, dresses, jeans and more? Get in my closet.

Feeling blue

bright blue cobalt fashion

cobalt royal blue handbag

bright blue purse

royal blue cobalt bag

The upside to having stubbornly tan-resistant skin and blue eyes is that bright blue hues have always been a friend to me…unlike a long list that includes nickel, the sun, soap, pastels – but I digress.

Every now and then I get an inkling of what I feel like is about to catch on or blow up style-wise. The problem with this intuition is that I take far too long to act on it, preferring to research and weigh pros and cons until I’m relegated to the ranks of trend follower rather than setter. Leather, short-medium length hair cuts, gold instead of silver, the return of the wedge…all predicted. Alas, speedy decision making is not on my resume, for which I can only attribute to genetics after twenty-four years of witnessing my Dad’s painstakingly slow (he would say “thorough”) processing. You know those thesis-size terms of agreements you click through just to reach the next step as quickly as possible? He actually reads them. Instruction booklets? Highlighted and page marked.

All this to say, I’ve decided to start sharing these nuggets with you as they come. My current everyday purse is developing a mad rip across the bottom. It’s only a matter of time before all my belongings come crashing through at what will most likely be the most inconvenient, embarrassing moment possible, so I’ve been researching what kind of bag I’d like next. After five years with the same neutral bag, I’m exploring the idea of something clearly quite the opposite.

What do you think, should I go for it? And if you can figure out where the first purse is from so I can actually get it, you will win my love forever.