Coffee Shops on the To Do List

I think I speak for both Sarah and I when I say that we are pretty picky when it comes to where we go to get our coffee house fix. It takes a lot to impress us. Atmosphere, patio, views, employees, chair comfiness, pastry selections (gluten free, please for Sarah..sufficient sweetness for me) and of course that coffee taste are all equally important.

Ascension Coffee
Ascension Coffee

My favorite coffee shop in Dallas is Ascension in the Design District. It’s my go to. The coffee is so delicious, and for me it was one of the first boutique coffee shops I knew about in D-town (having come from the land of Starbucks corners). Their perfectly sized small coffees are everything I need to turn a bad day into a great one.

But, I have a wandering eye. There are two new(ish) specialty shops in Dallas that if I don’t try in the next month I might die.


Houndstooth opened up about a week ago by Knox/Henderson. Originally from Austin, this shop has found its way North and I couldn’t be more thrilled! One thing I love is that they host frequent public coffee cuppings at their Austin N. Lamar location. This gives you the opportunity to try new coffees and learn more about their flavor, something I actually really enjoyed while working at Starbucks. At first you’re just like ‘ummm yeah this one tastes like coffee too…” but when you start trying several coffees and pairing them with foods, you start to notice the different flavors in each cup. So, Houndstooth. I’m hoping to see you tomorrow morning.

Davis St Espresso
Davis St Espresso

The second place I’m hoping to pay a visit to is Davis St Espresso in Oak Cliff. They just recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary, so I’m super late hoping on this train. Davis St. also hosts cuppings – a quality I think defines a dedicated coffee shop…just saying. Unfortunately this one is a little out of the way and difficult to get to and it’s closed on Sundays. But I’m determined! I’ll see them very soon.

Dallas Autumn Ball

Last Friday night, ze boyfriend and I got all gussied up for the Dallas Autumn Ball and had an absolute blast.


The Dallas Autumn Ball is an event at Hotel ZaZa that according to the website seeks to “engage, impassion, and empower young professionals and young individuals to celebrate charity and raise much needed awareness and funds for worthy educational causes in Dallas. This is a unique black tie event that delivers a philanthropic opportunity to give back to the community in a festive setting.

The money raised at the ball went to Project Amplify. It’s a tutoring initiative for right here in Dallas to improve the education system, motivate our young people and help uncover passions. Through a highly researched method, Project Amplify sets out to rock the education system as we know it and start some real change.

So, last Friday night gave the opportunity to the young Dallas professionals to give money to a great cause, and then dance the night away with their friends. All of which I’m down for. Plus, it combined all the things a young Dallas professional loves; dressing up, Hotel ZaZa, booze, photographers, #hashtags and Uber (a local cab service).

Basically, we had a blast. Everything was to perfection, including my date. AND my feet didn’t even hurt..well..not that bad. Okay yeah I walked back barefoot but whatever. The aforementioned booze at least helped ease the pain a little. If you haven’t heard of the Dallas Autumn Ball before, now you do. Be on the look out, I’m counting on 2014!


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