Here, there, everywhere

Why hello!

It turns out leaving a great job, starting a new one, taking a pre-marital class, planning a wedding, joining a new Bible study group, getting another exhaustive round of health tests, having a health “scare,” traveling for two weeks and keeping up a blog (technically two) is very hard to do. This all seems perfectly obvious here on screen but somehow in my head seems like what we optimists call “a challenge.” I like challenges. I guess you could consider it my outlet for any and all of my competitiveness, because it sure isn’t making an appearance on a field or court any time soon. But at some point my realistic side goes, “Enough is enough. Why can’t I just go galavant around Italy again??”

Okay, so maybe not so realistic.

Not Italy, but I did manage to squeeze in some adventures…Here’s a peek into my impromptu blogging hiatus in LA and then Austin for SXSW:


Doing it all

but first coffee quote

I realized this week I can’t do it all.

Realistically speaking, I’m fully aware I won’t get to everything on my lists (that’s right, plural) each day. But I still approach them with the idea that if I just keep working, if I just wake up earlier, every single item will finally have nice big line through it. One day, my list will be no more. Surprisingly, this has yet to ever happen, which can be quite a stress-inducing reality.

I recently had lunch with a married friend who confided about the possibility of kids, “I don’t know how people do it. I can barely manage my life, how are you supposed to add someone else’s too?”

Later, my roommate randomly turned to me and said, “Don’t ever let me become one of those moms that gets all wound up about things that don’t really matter.”

Not one of is anywhere even close to having kids, but it got me thinking. How do people do it?

My new theory is, they don’t. Maybe the secret to growing older successfully isn’t getting everything done, it’s being okay with not having everything done. It’s recognizing some things just don’t matter.

I stumbled upon this quote from What Not To Wear’s Clinton Kelley, and all I could say was, YES.

clinton kelley quote

And some weeks I’m just going to forget when it’s my blog day, miss a long-awaited appointment and overbook myself with a whopping three activities for the same date and time. Whoops.