Inspiration: Role Models + Caffeine

This week at Gaia Flow Yoga (you should know upfront, I drank the punch and am addicted to everything about this place), our yogi practice was focused on tapas; fiery discipline. So far this has been my favorite niyama we’ve had and I worked to apply it to my week. When I made my inspiration list this week, I realized that tapas played a big role in the three people I listed as inspiring me this week. My role models tend to be creative people with the initiative and drive to make their vision happen. And to follow in their footsteps, I think practicing fiery discipline every week is the first step.

John Fullbright.

I saw him in concert almost by accident last weekend and am fully obsessed. Into Americana? You’ll be into him. He’s also pretty funny and a fellow Okla-homie. So now when he becomes huge, you can be like “Oh I knew him way back when.”

Saul Leiter

He’s going to be featured in a documentary called In No Great Hurry  at the Thin Line Film Fest in Denton. Watch the trailer, I don’t have much to add. He just seems amazing.

Bob Dylan.

I’m currently reading his book and am inspired each and every day by his writing, ambition and his seriously overall profound-ness.


I worked for Starbucks for about 10 months. Since then, I’ve discovered what a cappaccino actually is and I’m a tad obsessed. I love the little tea cups they come in, and my caffeine high afterwards. So far, the best is Ascension Coffee in the Design District but I want to try every cappaccino in Dallas. You wish I was kidding. To fuel my addiction, my roommate recently purchased an espresso maker and a milk-frother – but an old fashion version that feels more like cooking. It is delicious AND I can have a free cappaccino whenever my caffeine addicted heart desires. Since I have been practicing my fiery discipline and actually waking up when I want to, I’ve enjoyed quite a few cappuccinos this week.

Appointments, Dylan, Knots and Cooking.

bob+dylan+1966 dramatic-bun-2-e1335805983574 Making-Appointments-4573_l_d24eda515d5866ebChicken Strawberry Spinach Salad_1

This is a week of appointments. Well, of two. Westley and I both have check ups with the vet/doctor.. Finally. They are both long over due but are such a pain to schedule. Why are these offices even open during the day? A vet and doctors office open from 4-10 PM would suit me just fine.

I started reading Bob Dylan by Bob Dylan about a century and a half ago. I think it’s actually been about two months, but the holidays and work put me to sleep before my head even hit the pillow to start reading. Consequently, I’m only about a fourth of the way through. I never understand what it is I do after yoga or running during the week. Where do those 5 hours go before bed? Well, this week they are going to you, Bob.

Master the top knot bun. That’s right. That is on my goal list this week. I’m not even embarrassed by how shallow that might be because I want to figure out how to do one that bad. It just looks so simple.. and yet so complicated. Wish me luck.

I happen to hate cooking. I also happen to be making a larger effort to eat better, as seen in my New Years Resolution. I am quickly learning that these two sentiments don’t go hand in hand. To eat well, you need to actually cook something. For dinner, I will often just have a bowl of cereal if I do a late yoga class or a bowl of pasta after I run. Nothing that takes over 10 minutes. For this week I have spinach and grilled chicken coming my way. I am allowing myself to have pasta with the chicken, but am generally trying to cut down this week. Baby steps, babes, baby steps.