Dolly Python

A friend has been telling me for weeks I should go to a place called Dolly Python. So when I happened to see its sign across the street when dropping off some things at Goodwill, I couldn’t not go in.

I was picturing another cute, Dallas boutique with a hipster flair, and what I found instead was so much better. A cross between a vintage clothing/consignment store, record shop and Austin’s Uncommon Objects, Dolly Python was full of fantastic thrift store finds at vintage prices and the kind of unique items you can’t help but want for the ‘I found this treasure’ feeling and cute factor.

The people were unique to match, and there were a lot of them….My spontaneity led me to stumble across what was apparently an in-store special event, as an employee dressed as a life-size taco offered me free drinks from their keg and collection of whiskey. Special event indeed.

Old Home Supply

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I’m moving into a new apartment at the end of the month and like any red-blooded American woman, I’m stalking Pinterest like I’m waiting to get the winning lottery numbers. My biggest issue with all these overly zealous DIY-ers is that they make everything sound so simple. Like finding a door for a “simple” headboard or wood pallets for well, anything. I’ve always wondered where these people find this wonderland of cheap wood.

Well, this weekend I learned that these places actually exist. It’s called Old Home Supply in Fort Worth – worth the drive. It’s pretty amazing. They gather doors, cabinets, old window frames, mantles and other hardware pieces from historic homes in the area that get torn down. They have three buildings, and you can mosey from building to building as you please. The employees are all really nice, friendly and want to help you with whatever project you are embarking upon. I brought a frame and a window frame to the front to ask how much they were, and the woman at the register guided me to the one that I purchased (below). They are also so trusting. She had me go ahead and put the window frame in my car while I shopped around, and I could pay for it when I was finished. She said she had wanted the window frame but couldn’t find a place in her house for it, and she loves when things she likes goes to someone who will enjoy it as much as she would – I assured her that she would not be disappointed. I’m a sucker for good customer service.

I did have some Pinterest-inspired moments of my own. I picked up this amazing old window frame for $20. It’s minty green, the paint is chipping like crazy and I LOVE it. The plan is to take some hemp, string it across, paint some clothespin and pin up some postcards and pictures. I’ve also learned that you can print Instagram photos at camera specialty stores, so that’s on the list as well. In an effort to be original, I picked up a few knobs for my dresser that I want to give a quick makeover. I’ll need to supplement with some unoriginal Anthropologie hardware, but I’m not looking to turn down an excuse to just be in that heavenly store.

My bonus adventure was stopping at Berry Good Buys on my way. I purchased this amazing lamp for $8. It needs a little work… to make it well, work. But I don’t think that is too difficult? Wish me luck with these projects.. the last DIY project that worked out for me was a science fair project. About mold.